Why it benefits MEN to give WOMEN head

grayscale photo of naked woman
Photo by John Rocha on Pexels.com

Chileeeeee. I was on FaceTime with one of my good girlfriends having a Rona happy hour, and we got to talking about what separates the boys from the men.

She a whollllllle therapist honey, so she starting talking about emotional openness and communication skills like the educated woman that she is. BUT ME? I haddd to bring up what I think is the biggest sign. A man’s attitude toward giving head is AWL you really need to know.

Now CLEARLY common sense says he’s not going to put his mouth on EVERYTHING. But, if you ever hear a man say he does not give head PERIOD, You are dealing with a man-child and need to run far away.

As the convo kept going, we got on the topic for the day…

 ” Why it benefits MEN to give WOMEN head.”

Let’s face it. Everyone is a little selfish. BUT hopefully, I can help someone out there understand that women act DIFFERENT in bed when they get theirs. 

Reason 1:

Women will give better head. There are three levels: giving head, sucking dick, and “she sucked a niggggga soul.” 

Level one is usually reserved for one night stands, quickies, and girls who don’t enjoy giving. It looks like a little lick, maybe some suction, but DEFINITELY no attention to the balls or deepthroating. The purpose of giving head is to get a penis hard or wet so sex can start. Nothing more.

Level two is your everyday good quality head game. Sis might get a little sloppy, use some hands, change up the flow a little bit, and even lick the sack. Level two is where most grown-ass women start. They know what they are doing, might enjoy giving, and want to please their partner. However, they are not going to do “THE MOST.” 


Level three only comes after one of two things. INCREDIBLE MIND-BLOWING cumming everywhere, body shaking, SEX, which very few people know how to give. OR giving the clit a LOT of love. Sexylexy might give level 2.5 after some great sex, but level 3 is for the pussy eating champs. Level 3 includes not only licking the balls, but sucking them, deepthroating, LOTS of saliva, chocking, watery eyes, losing breath, rubbing between the balls and the asshole, and much more hand play. 

EVERY MAN wants that but many are not mature enough to do what needs to be done to get it.   

If you are not rich like Roddy, you should never expect level three from someone without giving first. Its law ; give a woman sperm, she gives you a baby. If you give a woman a house, she gone give you a whole home. SO if you give her lazy, wack, head, don’t be surprised when she just licks it so you can stick it, ok?

Happy Pussy Eating. 

  • Your secret sex therapist 

*if you enjoyed this and would like more reasons, please comment below


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