Dirty Change: Part 11-More Questions Than Answers

Dirty Change 2

“Where am I?”

Michaela finally woke up from her unconscious moment to a blindfold over her face and her hands tied behind her back. She had no idea where she was, who hit here in the head and what the smell was in the place she was in. All she knew was the room smelled more rotten than a pile of trash and that there were no lights in the room because the blindfold was thin enough for her to see through.

“Hello??? Is anyone out there?”

Her cries went unheard as no one answered. The more silence surrounded her, the more petrified she became. The worst part of it all is she was going about this search for answers on her own and her partner, Detective Porter, did not know where she was. The only thing she could do was hope for someone to find her while she sat in darkness.

“Anyone seen Detective Collins?”

Detective Porter was sitting at his desk wondering where his partner was this morning? He asked around the office and there was no one who could give him any answers at all.

“Something doesn’t seem right. And I know the first person I need to ask about this.”

While Detective Porter was heading out of the precinct to find answers, Mr. Nickel was just waking up at his house.

“What the heck happened here last night?”

Brian McKnight’s “Crazy Love” was playing on his radio on his back porch and there were two wine glasses sitting beside the radio on the table. He looked down to see he was wearing a black hoodie and black sweatpants. As he got up and wondered in his house, he saw a couple broken plates on his kitchen floor.

“Must have been one wild night.”

Mr. Nickel proceeded to clean up the broken plates, but in the back of his mind he was wondering what he had done and who the other glass of wine was for. The last thing he remembered was Sandra leaving his house after Detective Collins came to the door. After he cleaned up the glass, he sauntered upstairs to his bedroom to get a shower. He had to be at the community center in about an hour and time was running short.

“Has anyone seen Mr. Nickel?”

Detective Porter asked around at the community center and no one had any answers for him there. He left after getting no information and after thinking on it a few times, he decided to make a trip to Mr. Nickel’s house.

“He has to have some answers.”

While Detective Porter was headed his way, Mr. Nickel was just getting out of the shower. He had been in there longer than he planned and was rushing to get dressed. He threw on some khakis and a Polo and headed downstairs. As he opened the door, he was greeted with a surprise.

“Weren’t expecting to see me here this morning were you?”

“Not really. Wasn’t expecting to see you this morning Detective Porter. To what do I owe this visit?”

“Have you seen Detective Collins?”

“I have not. And why would you be asking me where she is?”

“You can cut the games. I know you’ve seen here a couple times and that she stayed here one night with you. So, again I ask you, have you seen her?”

“No. I have not seen here since she came to my house last night.”

“Hold up. Came to your house last night?”

“Yes. Came to my house last night. She didn’t stay though. She was checking on me or something. Seemed like she was worried about a guest I had here at my house.”

“Did you see where she went when she left your house?”

“No sir. I did not.”

“Not sure I believe you Mr. Nickel.”

“I’ve told you all I knw, but if you don’t mind, can I leave now since I have answered all your questions?”

“I’m keeping an eye on you Mr. Nickel, but you can leave.”

Mr. Nickel brushed past Detective Porter as he headed to his car and pulled off.

“Something just isn’t right. He is up to something.”

As Mr. Nickel pulled off, he felt a cold chill come over him in his car.

Then there was a voice coming from his mirror.

“We are going to have to kill him eventually. He is getting to close.”

“No! I’m not killing anyone.”

“You act like you are in control here. I choose to let you have some control.”

“I am not killing anyone.”

“You will do what I have you to do.”

“There will be no killing.”

“Yes there will be. I own you.”

Just like that, the voice disappeared and Mr. Nickel was on his way to the community center. While the voice disappeared, the concerns of what that voice was speaking on stayed on his mind.

After watching Mr. Nickel pull off, Detective Porter walked back to his car, wondering what his next step was to finding Detective Collins.

While Detective Porter was trying to find Detective Collins, his partner was still stranded in the darkness.

“Is anyone there?”

Detective Collins kept yelling out for someone every now and again, but she got no answer and she was beginning to lose it. Then, as soon as she began to dip her head and sulk, Detective Collins heard what sounded like a jingling of keys. Detective Collins then saw light hit her as what sounded like a garage door opening.  The light got smaller as the door was closed halfway and a shadow moved forward and got closer and closer.

“Who are you?”

There was no response at all from the shadowy figure in front of Detective Collins. All she heard was things moving around her. A thud happened right next to her and then the shadowy figure moved away from her and closed the door again.

All alone once again, Detective Collins felt something touch her leg.

“Help me!” said the voice of what sounded like a young boy.

“Help me please!”

“Who are you? I am tied up right next to you, but we are going to be okay. I am going to get us out of this.”

Detective Collins was not sure how, but she had to get out of this situations and help the young voice she felt touch her leg and ask for help.

As the Detective was trying to figure things out, the shadowy figure picked up the phone to make a call.

“I got a surprise for you at the spot. I’m sure you’re going to love this.”





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