Queens of Queen Media Collective

Hi! My name is Michaela P. Shelton. I am a Co-founder and the Executive Editor of Queen Media Collective. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism from San Jose State University and since then I have been building my portfolio writing and editing for various publications. I am the author of Reckless Behavior, a series of motivational, genuine and authentic lifestyle pieces and in 2019, I expanded my repertoire to include filmmaking. My critically acclaimed digital series, Reckless Behavior The Series, was inspired by my blog and is loosely based on my life as a post college Black millennial living in the Bay Area.

My name is Imani Baylor and I am CoFounder and Creative Director of Queen Media Collective. I attended CSU East Bay and graduated with a B.A. in Sociology and minor in African American Studies. Although writing isn’t why I started QMC I wanted to give writers and other creatives a platform to share their stories. I provide styling and small businesses services to artists and creatives of all kinds. To learn more about my work follow me on Instagram @eccentric_vibes_online !

Hello, my name is Vontress Renae’. I am a published Author and Blogger. I am currently attending college in pursuit of my Journalism degree. I enjoy writing about my life’s journeys, encouraging adventures and my experience as a mother . My writing has always been my peace in a world of chaos that I chose to share in an attempt to connect with others , and ultimately share the message that they are not alone in their thoughts or experiences. To stay connected with me and my work I can be found on my website vontressrortega.com and on Instagram @WrittenByVontress.

Hi, my name is Sydney but many know me by my pen name Sydney Reneè. I’m a blogger and published author. I attended San Jose State University, where I received a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Child & Adolescent Development. I enjoy writing about my journey throughout life, which includes topics about parenting, relationships and self-development, but I’m open to exploring other writing styles when looking for a challenge. To learn more about myself and my work you can follow my Instagram @_thediaryofshe or check out my blog at www.thediaryof-she.com

Hello, my name is Misha Frazier, 26. I am a published poet and Sexologist. I am a 2nd year human sexuality doctoral student at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I shift conversations and perspectives about sex, gender, identity, systemic oppression, and liberation by making scholarly material accessible to the general public through digital media and events. My approach to sex education encourages questioning, introspection, reflection, and authenticity through poetry, storytelling, and critical discourse. Find out more at JermishaFrazier.com or follow me on Instagram @sweet_likemeesh.

 Hi my name is Lacey Dacus, 25 and I am a poet, content writer, and soon to be author . I graduated in the fall of 2017 from San Jose State University with a bachelors in Psychology. I, like most people have multiple sides to myself. These sides are expressed through the two accounts I write through for QMC. Lacey Rochelle is more about my personal life journey , God, feelings I need to release etc. Where sexylexy123 is where all of my freak flags fly. I currently am working as an advocate for sexual assault survivors so sexylexy will likely touch on these experiences as well. You can find me on Instagram at Lacey_CEO and be on the lookout for announcements to come.  

Hi, my name is Donecia Wilson, 28, and I am an avid blogger and inspiring author. I attended Southern University, where I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Political Science. I continued my education at Louisiana Tech and obtained my Master’s in English and Technical Writing. I indulge in writing lifestyle blogs on relationships, self-care, sexuality/sexual experiences, and my spiritual journey as a millennial. For more of my work, please visit my website at www.blackgirlmagicunscripted.com and follow me on Instagram:@_girlwithda_midastouch.

 Hi, my name is Marcela. I am a writer and advocate from Brazil, with a Bachelor’s degree from San Jose State University. I love to write about the undocumented and DACAmented experiences, as well as Afro-Latinx issues, and Brazilian culture phenomena. For more of my work, please visit MarcelaDaLuzLe.com, and follow me on social media @marceladaluzle.

Hello my name is Akilah, l am a writer who’s chosen to let her pen guide me as l glide through this journey in life. My writing styles are unpredictable just like myself, l relate to trauma, parenting, poetry and self awareness. I have a Bachelors in Culinary Management and l have been dominating the Food & Beverage industry in Los Angeles for the past 8 years. For more of my work and to follow my light check out my Instagram @Lively__Bee.

Hi I’m Enjali Lewis, author, creative writer, and poet.  I’ve always had a great appreciation for the arts music, literature, theater, poetry, fashion, etc.  My personal desire and inspiration to write came from reading black literature and growing up with the freedom to express myself in my youth.  I found my voice at a young age and was always highly encouraged to use it which is what still motivates me to write and create.  What started out as an outlet to help distract me from always overthinking turned into my passion to become an author, poet, and creative writer.  Being able to share that with others is not only therapeutic for me but also a great way to connect with people on many different levels.  I’m still growing and exploring my gifts as a writer but I’m excited to continue to share more of my journey and content with you all which can be found on queenmediacollective.com and more of my work and also be found on my Instagram @nubian_hair_collection.

 Hi my name is Khadijah, 26, and I am a writer. I have an associate’s degree in philosophy and am currently studying Philosophy and English at Emory University. Topics I love to write about include politics, pop culture and philosophy. I am currently working on a website, but follow my social media accounts: Instagram: khadijahagreen_ and Twitter: @khadyagreen.