Keeping Calm in Chaos

Have you experienced everything going left at the wrong time? You’re uncomfortable with your friends, your significant other and frustrated with the life you worked so hard to establish. You begin to question the intent of people and the significance of certain aspects of your life. Life just seems so chaotic in a sense. Chaos … More Keeping Calm in Chaos

Africa In Colombia

Ever since I’ve returned to the United States from my vacation in Colombia, I have been attempting to put into words the magic that was Palenque. The locals of the town call it Africa in Colombia because when Cartagena got its independence from Spain, they fled to Palenque and developed the first free African nation … More Africa In Colombia

Tattoos and Piercings vs Professional World

Ladies and Gentlemen, this has been a great debate for a long time. The ironic thing about this topic was a statement on Instagram. I was scrolling through my feed, and I follow “The Shade Room,” and the following statement was, “Tattoos and piercings should not be considered unprofessional.” You ask me why? Why this … More Tattoos and Piercings vs Professional World

Me as an Empath

Empath : noun (chiefly in science fiction) A person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental state of another individual.   What’s wrong? Are you happy? Are you sure you’re happy? What’s making you question your happiness? Do you have the peace you’ve been praying for? Have you been protecting your peace?  Are you listening … More Me as an Empath

I understand that you need to pray for intimacy is much greater than your pure acts of kindness.


we were friends for many years we began to grow apart i started a bigger conversation she blocked me and it broke my heart.