Reckless Behavior The Series Episodes

Reckless Behavior The Series (RBTS) is a new digital series created by Michaela P. Shelton. The web series will share the story of Michaela Holloway, a post college black millennial and aspiring writer, who navigates through life attempting to find herself and avoid reckless behavior.

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Leave me in this box.

I am a personI breathe I have feelingsI have a life But to you I'm a dollA play thingSomething you deal with until you get tired of itWhy even pick me up in the first place?Why not just leave me in my box with my pretty clothes and accessories?I was doing fine and you personally… Continue reading Leave me in this box.

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An Ode to Friendship

I have been trying to write a poem about love all February and it just was not working. I was not inspired, I couldn’t tap into any old emotions, nothing. Then I started to think about the love I feel when I can sit with people in silence and just enjoy their presence. I thought… Continue reading An Ode to Friendship

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“Let’s Be Friends” Chapter 1 – Rebecca

Photo by Gabby K on Pexels.com Hey everyone! If you follow me you'll know that I'm a published author and I love bringing stories to life with my words. One of those stories that I loved creating was the one of Rebecca & Nasir; two successful black people who realized that one person can change… Continue reading “Let’s Be Friends” Chapter 1 – Rebecca

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Bang Bang

She feels safe with his guns.  If she feels protected by the guns how often do these unwanted moments come into play?‘ Ya know, for the gun to be activated.  Between those times, who’s protecting whom? Her feeling protected by the guns... Now, what if you take the guns away?Will she still feel protected... Now, l… Continue reading Bang Bang

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InterSEXtional Thinking: Accessing Your Sexual Agency

In January 2021, the soulful goddess Jazmine Sullivan dropped an EP that sent the sexologist in me on a spiral! I loved her collection, Heaux Tales, from the title to the finish. The interludes, the passion, yes. Although she did her thing, this article isn’t an ode to the greatness that is Jazmine Sullivan. Instead,… Continue reading InterSEXtional Thinking: Accessing Your Sexual Agency

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“Her Final Entries” A Collection of Poems & Affirmations, Available Now.

“In Her Final Entries, Sydney Reneé shares with you a collection of poems and affirmations that will make you fall in love with life and the people in it, release you from years of pain, heal your soul and give you hope” I did it again! But this time with a new self published poetry… Continue reading “Her Final Entries” A Collection of Poems & Affirmations, Available Now.


Diary Of A Mad Black Woman

Photo by Lucxama Sylvain from Pexels I had an okay weekend. Drank a lot of alcohol and cried less than I did last week. It wasn't until I turned on the tv to watch my favorite show. I looked at my avatar next to his and realized I should probably sign out and sign up for my own… Continue reading Diary Of A Mad Black Woman