Future’s Album Review: I Never Liked You Either

Future’s Album Review “I Don’t Like You Either”

The Toxic God has returned, and something already seemed off before it came out. The album had like no type of promotion whatsoever; there was just some random picture posted on his Instagram page with no date. He posted the official track list the next day, but I couldn’t find anything that showed the actual release date. I finally found out, got excited and gave it a good couple days of play through.

Honestly, I’m not feeling it at all. The lyrics were average compared to Future’s overall lyrical talent and the beat riding ability is still there, but did not change. The beats were mid and even his usual collabs with Young Thug, Gunna, Baby, and Drake were not hitting as usual. Overall, I’m just not sure what the plan was for this. I heard that there are rumors of another album coming very soon and I think that maybe this album might be the actual one that we should be waiting for. In the meantime, we still have faith in the Toxic King and may he forever reign supreme. Not all artists have the ability to make every album perfect.


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