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Anger Management – Kid’s Edition

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on I never thought I would be teaching a 6-year-old how to manage his anger but here I am noticing an apparent change in my son. His emotions are way more intense than I'm used to and I'm not the only one noticing. It's like one day he woke up… Continue reading Anger Management – Kid’s Edition

My Life Be Like

30 & Barely Thriving

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash At eighteen I had a plan and at twenty-one I was sure I'd see it through. Then 25 came and I will admit fear kicked in but I still had high hopes of everything being alright. Now, here I am at 30, feeling as if I'm barely surviving; wondering when is the… Continue reading 30 & Barely Thriving


Reflecting: What’s Done is Done

One thing that has always bothered me is people who feel the need to put on a facade. That is why I always make it a point to be transparent. If you’ve been following my journey, you know that when I quit my job last year, I felt that it was the best decision I… Continue reading Reflecting: What’s Done is Done

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Anti Cuffing Season

Disclaimer : Cuffing does not necessarily mean marriage . Drafting/Practice (FOR ME)  is growing feelings for, spending extensive time getting to know, and being physically intimate with someone. At this stage of my growth, I personally do not desire to give a title or my body to someone who I wouldn't want to be raising… Continue reading Anti Cuffing Season

My Life Be Like

Affirmed Queen Available Today!

I am so excited to be releasing my workbook; "Affirmed Queen, Book of Affirmations for the Woman in Healing." I wrote the book in hopes to give women in search of self-care help. To be able to give women who needed to look within themselves in order to start the process of reprogramming the self… Continue reading Affirmed Queen Available Today!

My Life Be Like

The She Series – “Love You More”

Hello and welcome back to The She Series! I want to thank you all for continuing to come back and read about my heartbreaks, drama and old love. If you're a newcomer I'll be taking you on a journey through my poetry books, The Diary of She - Vol. I and II. Now let's get… Continue reading The She Series – “Love You More”


New Job, Who Dis?

If you read my last post you know that my focus has shifted to moving out of my parent's home. As a result, I have been on Craigslist and Indeed non stop applying for jobs. With that being said, I got a new job! I literally applied to this job on Sunday and they emailed… Continue reading New Job, Who Dis?


I Wish That I Could Have This Moment For Life

“Life isn't just to be endured, it's to be enjoyed.” ― Gordon B.Hinckley Hello everyone, Today is the 8th of December and I have been pushing through. Thanks to my notebooks and planner I have gotten all the way organized and now I am just trying to be productive until my birthday. My sorority sisters… Continue reading I Wish That I Could Have This Moment For Life


My Decision to be Broke, but Happy

"Don't waste your time chasing things that will never be beneficial to your future." ~April Mae Monterrosa Hey guys! This weekend has been one word: lit. I was in San Jose for most of it, but today I will staying close to home. Time to recover L.O.L. This entire week was so great! I worked… Continue reading My Decision to be Broke, but Happy


Yesterday I…

Learned two new words... inebriated and gauche. Went to my best friend's house. Cried for an hour. Bought some Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. paraphernalia. Bought a smoothie from McDonald's. Had a salad from Costco's for lunch. Called someone a F$#% boy for the first time LOL. Ate Meatloaf for dinner. Listened to a song called "Distractions"… Continue reading Yesterday I…