What’s holding you back from reaching your full potential?

Despite all the losses we took in 2020, the best gift that many of us received was time.  We were given more time to focus on our households, our loved ones, and ourselves.  The challenge was to determine how we would utilize it.  For some people, time allowed us to strive and reach our goals.  For others, it went to waste and held us back from the possibility of reaching our full potential.

As I sheltered in place, my daily struggle had become how I chose to use my time.  Would I take this opportunity to be productive and accomplish many things?  Was I capable?  There were times when I pushed myself to work extremely hard and there were also times when I gave less effort.  I even had moments where I battled with self doubt, procrastination, and fear.  Luckily,  I was able to fight those battles and break through which allowed me to tap into my purpose and not lose sight of my goals.  I may have lost out on time, but I didn’t lose my passion.

Having many open discussions with my family and peers helped me to overcome this as well.  I was glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who questioned whether I was reaching my full potential or not.  I was also inspired by those around me who were thriving and pushing through by any means.  The encouragement and love I received before entering this new year was confirmation that minor setbacks can potentially hold you back from reaching your goals but they don’t define you.

After gaining more insight I simply realized that I was holding my own self back from something that truly can’t be measured.  Dwelling about the things that I did not allow myself to get done while I had extra time sheltering in place served no purpose.  Focusing heavily on what I DID accomplish and still having ambition to execute my future goals ignited the fire within me stepping into 2021.

You can enter this new year with a well thought out plan or no plan at all.  Just make sure that you give yourself credit for everything that you accomplish no matter how big or small it may be.  A victory is a victory.  Celebrate all of your wins and don’t make yourself suffer about after taking a loss. Learn and grow and trust that everything is within reach!


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