Cure For Anxiety

We can’t keep doing this. Or maybe I should say I can’t keep doing this, because it’s just starting to become toxic. I help you become a better version of yourself without even have known or met you before. These one sided conversations that we have without even making noises with our lips. Why even play these games? I’m going to keep coming back and doing the same thing over and over and from the looks of it so are you so fuck these games, let’s get to the shit. So your anxiety has been stressing you out ridiculously to the point that you are debating on taking prescribed medication to solve your problem. Don’t do that. I’m just going to take care of that for you right now in a couple of different steps. How many steps are there you ask? Good question. First step is acceptance. Acceptance within yourself that you are having an issue and that you need help from someone else and that there is nothing wrong with that. Perfection is unattainable and even someone who has reached a legendary or iconic status has never achieved that by themselves. Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Prince, hell, Beyonce. If you desire to do the same then you should learn from those who achieved that and learn from their lessons. For some reason it’s only become a popular topic of mental health and therapy but if someone is capable of helping you ascend to a higher level, why not take advantage.

Second step is control. Your life is 100% in your control and however you want to live that life is all up to you. Your current situation is simply one I repeat one moment of time that is happening in your life. There is always someone somewhere in this world that is doing way worse than you at that exact moment. You have the control to either make it worse or take slow steps forward to make it better. Time isn’t real. If it is, why don’t animals have watches? So if it takes you 3 weeks or 3 years nonetheless you are still moving forward. You doing that by yourself is an achievement that you need to acknowledge in itself. Sometimes we need to remember our small victories that brought us to our big victories. Many successful people reached rock bottom in their life and then skyrocketed to the top to get to where they are today. Take time out of your day to remind yourself of that in order to inspire you to remain focus to achieve your true goal. Nothing that happens fast is ever good just think about it: fast sex, fast money, fast hoes, fast child support what about that sounds exciting? A good foundation takes time to become strong and secure or for it to grow in strength and size.

Last step that I’m going to give you is going to be caring. Yeah stop doing that. What I mean by that is stop caring about what other people feel about you. If you just remember I told you about control each person has control of their own life regardless of interactions from others. Let that person be miserable and you just focus on what ever you need to do to become a better you. Like forreal, even if you need to do this to your own mother in my opinion. Why have someone around who is intentionally hurting you and stopping you from getting better? Just cut that cancer out of your life entirely. If you have the ability to influence someone’s whole energy just by being yourself, they are technically your fan. They have been following, stalking and studying you to the point that it has caused them to feel a sudden shift in energy… a fan. Now let’s get back to this winning. We not focusing on fans. We on to the move of goals, just goals. To the point that you winning so much that you can’t keep track so everything is a goal accomplished. That person is not in control of your life, only you are so stay in your lane and look ahead.

I can’t keep giving you more because then I’m going to have to start charging you a monthly subscription. Take what I gave you for free and use it. They were literally created to guarantee that they only work in a positive manner. Maybe I’ll give you the rest at a later time, maybe I won’t. Don’t worry about what I do, just focus on controlling things in your life that you are able to control.


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