How To Fall In Love

Use your creativity to express yourself in love. Be the partner of your own dreams. Be the person you desire to be with. Be the person you desire to have. Have you first. You are only an expression of your love.

I’m No Longer Superwoman or the Strong Friend in This Season

I have no desire to be Superwoman anymore, and I have no desire to be the friend that has it all together. I don’t want to do it all, and I damn sure don’t want to be anything strong this season. I’m healing, and the only thing I desire is authentically being myself. An eye-opening … More I’m No Longer Superwoman or the Strong Friend in This Season

Sweet Temptation pt.2

“Yeah, I had to come back for that slice of lemon cake you were telling me about,” she said. “Had I known you were coming, I would’ve purchased it for you,” I told her. “Really?!,”she said, sounding surprised. “You’re so sweet.” When the hostess arrived back with her order of lemon cake, Dinah left. But … More Sweet Temptation pt.2

You Ain’t The Reason

There has been this common misconception that women can/have “changed“ a man. There is almost a gloating when a woman has dealt with a childish man, his lies, cheating and emotional immaturity and then he one day changes. The sad truth behind this, that I do not think women sometimes realize is that the credit we … More You Ain’t The Reason

#10 Year Challenge

I’m changing so much. So I’ve been reading about self compassion and the pros because there’s absolutely no cons to the newfound self appreciation. Now what l have learned about self compassion is it’s much different than self-esteem. Self-esteem is something our ego likes to control in order to validate ourselves. Or simpler, it’s just … More #10 Year Challenge