Sweet Temptation pt.2

“Yeah, I had to come back for that slice of lemon cake you were telling me about,” she said. “Had I known you were coming, I would’ve purchased it for you,” I told her. “Really?!,”she said, sounding surprised. “You’re so sweet.” When the hostess arrived back with her order of lemon cake, Dinah left. But not before leaving me her number on the back of one of our company business cards.

I texted her towards the end of my shift. Our conversation helped me get through the closing duties of the night, as well as a late, but light dinner and a late night research session when I got home. I learned that she recently divorced her husband who is an associate pastor at one of the churches outside of town. I told her that I was an aspiring professional forex trader, as well as an investor. I also told her that I wanted to become a conglomerate.

She was all too supportive of my goals and aspirations. She told me that she figured that I was the business type or a law student, because of my serious demeanor. She admired the way I carried myself as a professional even with my title as a server. She assured me that I would do well in my chosen profession. I asked her about her reaction when I told her that she was beautiful. She told me about how her husband was a cheater and was nothing like the humble church boy she’s known and loved since high school. They were together all through college and she was one of his biggest supporters when he decided to attend seminary school, because he felt he was called into ministry. They had the perfect story that was supposed to had ended with happily ever after. Or so they thought….


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