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Emotional Maturity

My love life has been non-existent for quite some time even prior to social distancing.  Almost to the point where I forgot what I was looking for in a significant other. Lately, I’ve been finding myself attracted to those who possess rare traits like emotional maturity rather than seeking physical perfection or trying to make… Continue reading Emotional Maturity

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Are UNICORNS Special?

Even as a "SEXPERT," which I say loosely, I had no idea what the HELL "Unicorn Sex" was. According to our research, a unicorn is a woman that enjoys having intercourse with couples in prearranged threesomes. "Oh, I can write about that," I thought once I found out what it was.But to be candid, I… Continue reading Are UNICORNS Special?

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The Life of a Unicorn

Unicorn /ˈyo͞onəˌkôrn/ noun: A bisexual girl who is down to hook up with generally heterosexual, monogamous couples, often as a no-strings-attached threesome or as a permanent sexual partner. Not the definition you were thinking was it? The life of a unicorn is more than being a sexual companion to a couple. Typically, the process of… Continue reading The Life of a Unicorn

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7 Stages Of A Twin Flame

I'm back again and today I'm going to dive a little deeper into twin flames aka your mirror. If you read my previous article, Can Your Soul Mate Be Toxic, you already got a little glimpse into what a twin flame is and the signs that'll help you know if you've come across one or… Continue reading 7 Stages Of A Twin Flame

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Cuffing Season

I’m writing you this letter Dripped in my soul Done with the madness The emotional toll Loved you all winter Then you hated me all spring That’s how I figured out that this was all just a fling Never saw you in public But saw all of you at night The way you used to… Continue reading Cuffing Season

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TSS – Letter To My Ex Pt.3

Hey You, It's me again... I know I keep on walking out the door. Returning when I've gotten over everything you've done to hurt me. Yeah, I know I hurt you too but it was only because my heart couldn't take being broken in two so I did everything in my power to hurt you… Continue reading TSS – Letter To My Ex Pt.3

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I Used To Love Her: Part 5 – The Flip Has Been Switched

"How did this happen?" David said to himself as he sat in the living room of Karen's apartment. Sitting across from David was Mr. and Mrs. Green, as they were awaiting breakfast from their daughter Karen. Mr. Green was curious as to how this pairing happened between David and Karen, especially since he noticed the… Continue reading I Used To Love Her: Part 5 – The Flip Has Been Switched

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Love Woes…

  Have you ever been scared to lose yourself in someone? I know we all have an image to protect so maybe you won’t admit it out loud but I will. I am honestly scared to lose myself in someone because I know what the outcome can be. The feeling of being left that vulnerable… Continue reading Love Woes…

My Life Be Like, short story

I Used To Love Her-Part 2: One Wild Night

"Hey Marley. How was your day?" "It was great David, but I missed you terribly." David walked into his apartment with Marley feeling like the weight of the world was off his shoulders. he was finally home to his Marley and he was able to find happiness. David was sleeping with a smile on his… Continue reading I Used To Love Her-Part 2: One Wild Night


Adjusting to a New Job, Trying to Get Out of Debt and Looking For A Roommate

  Hey guys! The year is halfway over and a lot has happened to me since I provided my last life update in May. Therefore, I decided to share what's been going on for you loyal Reckless Behavior readers who have been following my journey since day one. Check it out and please comment below… Continue reading Adjusting to a New Job, Trying to Get Out of Debt and Looking For A Roommate