Sydney’s Tale: The D Wasn’t Enough

So I kept seeing this one guy every time I went out —Tall, light-skin, green eyes and covered in tattoos. The more I seen him the more I became intrigued. I wanted to know who he was, what he did and if I could get closer to him. After-all, he was a pretty popular guy and I thought to myself there wasn’t a guarantee that he’d even notice me.

One night I was out in San Jose at some place I had no business being. Almost every nigga that rapped in the Bay was there including people close to my baby daddy, so it felt awkward being there in the first place. You know when you see someone but try to act like you don’t see them? I was throwing them looks all night, doing my best to not be seen, but the shit just couldn’t be avoided. Anyways in the midst of my awkward black girl moment, there he was up on the stage looking fine as hell and my thirsty ass couldn’t help but stare. On the way out the club we came face-to-face finally, but little did I know he knew the guy that I had came there with and he’s a major blocker. Like dude I don’t need people thinking we out here in a relationship or something like that lol.

Either way that little bump in revealed his name and there I was on my stalker shit. Pulled up the IG and the Facebook. BAM!!! I was in there!

Fast Forward |>|> Me and ole boy had been communicating back and forth for a few months and finally decided to meet up. I was about to see what that thang was all about. I get all cute, put on my makeup and shit cause around this time I was rocking a hot pink fade, so I needed to do whatever to bring out my best facial features. I pull up to the spot and I was already a little skeptical like this shit look ghetto ass fuck, but whatever it could just be my little bougie side coming out, plus I had been worse places so I brushed it off. Soon as I walk through the door first person I end up meeting is he niece, she was cute or whatever, but I ain’t come here to play with nobody kid.

We go to the backroom start watching some TV and we end up smoking. At that point I’m like hmmm I’m not even sure I like him like I thought, just the image he put out. I was still gonna f*ck though cause that’s just the mood I was in. He grabs my hand and places it in his lap. I get to feeling around and all I can think to myself is, “Where is it at?” I don’t feel anything but I give him the benefit of the doubt like hey it just might be hiding from me. WRONG! I put my hands in his jeans like I’m searching for treasure and I can’t find it okay. I am livid, but at the same time also high as hell. He must had noticed my confusion because he finally pulls it out and the dude asks if Ima suck it. I’m sitting there in shock; looking like a deer in headlights because…suck what? it was like a little baby carrot and he knew it. I guess he been came to terms with his d*ck being little because he legit said, “yeah, I know it’s small.” I couldn’t even laugh, because trust me I’ve done it before. Either way I wasn’t putting that in my mouth.

I don’t know what kind of weed I was on that night because I still said fuck it and let him hit the little bit of coochie that he could, but the D just wasn’t enough. I honestly don’t remember it. For a nigga that tall and skinny I thought a monster was gonna pop out them jeans. I was so upset about it that I ended up calling my heaux ass ex to get the D I knew I deserved that night.

Needless to say after that night I never talked to him again. My ignore game was strong asf.

I know I know he still hit though lol. Not my best Heaux moment.


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