Michaela’s Tale: Random Chick Shows Up

I had just been broken up with and I had been busting it open expeditiously. All I wanted was someone to “care about me” and give me attention. None of the men I met online were consistent enough, so I continued to swipe. Mid February, I met Lance. 

After continuous messages from grown ass men wanting to meet up at the park and “get a bottle”, receiving the message I got from Lance was a breath of fresh air. In his first message he mentioned how he wanted to cook for me. Men don’t often start the conversation with that, so I was immediately intrigued. After brief conversation we exchanged numbers and he asked me to come over that night so he could make us dinner.

I went over to Lance’s house and he made us some bomb ass chicken and chili cheese fries. I was a little annoyed the food wasn’t ready when I arrived (it was like 9pm), but that immediately went away when he started to compliment me and communicate his feelings towards finally finding a “quality woman”. Everything seemed too good to be true. How could this man be fine as hell, have no kids, live in a big townhome, have a good job and know how to cook? Something had to be wrong.

The night continued to go great and he asked me to stay over. I brought my work computer just in case (I work from home) and he said he had the day off so I could work from his house and he would make me breakfast. No man had ever made me breakfast before. I was convinced this random Nigga I had met online was “the one”.

I ended up giving it up on the first night. I had planned to hold out, but once Lance started kissing on me with his humongous, juicy lips, it was a wrap. We had the most passionate, nastiest sex ever and after a stint of awful sex, it was exactly what I needed. 

The third round is when shit got interesting. Lance looked me deep in my eyes and said “Fuck it, I know we just met, but I love you. When you know you know.” I couldn’t believe he said that shit. And the way he was looking at me made my dumbass question if he really did. I said it back, and he continued to talk to me while he grinded deeper inside of me. The sex was so passionate that I couldn’t help but feel infatuated af.

I stayed at his house from Sunday to Wednesday. I worked from home and he cooked for me three times a day, continued to give me the best dick ever and randomly tell me he loved me. It was so crazy to me that I was still there, but I was like fuck it. He had a few days off work and all I needed was my work computer, so why leave? It was like I was having a good ass dream.

Wednesday I was planning to leave, because Thursday morning he had to go back to work. I wasn’t sure when I was going to leave, but we continued to talk and talk and before I knew it, it was 10pm. We were deep into a convo about music and suddenly there was a loud ass bang on the door. I said “Umm what is that?” And seconds later we hear “LAAAAAANCE!” I thought oh helll no. Being at a Nigga’s house and another woman showing up has always been my biggest fear. And here I was.

There’s more banging on the door and then after a few minutes, it gets quiet. I said “Sooo who’s that?” He said “I know exactly who that is. I’m about to call the police”. I tell him that I don’t know what’s going on, but I can’t believe he got me in this situation. He says it’s his “crazy ex” that he hasn’t been involved with in years. I said “Y’all love to call us crazy in front of another woman to make yourself seem like you ain’t wrong”. He tells me he’d never call someone crazy unless they really were blah blah and he proceeds to tell me that he’s going to check her tomorrow. I said “This shit fishy as fuck, why don’t you check her now?” He calls her and before she gets a chance to talk he screams “LEAVE ME ALONE YOU STUPID ASS BITCH, FUCK YOU!” and hangs up. I’m like okay, this escalated quickly.  

He then gets mad at me for accusing him of lying about the situation and tries to explain how he’s a “good man” (typical narcissistic manipulative sociopath shit) and suddenly the banging resumes. He goes downstairs and tells me to lay down and get some rest while he “takes care” of it. But only after he tells me it’s “my fault” for telling him to call her and handle it tonight instead of tomorrow. He goes downstairs and I follow him. I had never got into a fight before so I was freaking out, but I wasn’t about to hide in the room either. Lance is about to open the door and talk to the woman, but he sees me at the top of the stairs. He tells me “Baby I don’t want you involved in this, go back upstairs” and the chick heard him. She opens the mailbox and screams “Oh you got some bitch in there!” We both remain silent. She then continues to scream “Why you with that dog ass Nigga bitch?! He was just eating my pussy two days ago!” I look at Lance, he opens the door and slams it quickly. I guess he grabbed ole girl because she screams “Let go of me!” I listen to them argue for a few seconds, then it gets quite. I go upstairs, grab my things, and walk out of the house to my car. I don’t see them anywhere so I don’t know where they went or what happened, but I drove home that night and never heard from him again. 


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