TRUE LIFE: Two Is ‘Better’ Than One

Threesomes; most men want them and most women refuse to have them and I can understand why. The outcome usually isn’t what one would imagine. Someone is either jealous, can’t last, or backs out at the last minute. That wasn’t completely the case for me. This wasn’t your typical threesome though, I didn’t have to … More TRUE LIFE: Two Is ‘Better’ Than One

Friendly Fire

It was only supposed to be a one-time thing. But here I was reminiscing on how it went down the third time and the fourth. This time was different, though; it had happened so much that I lost track of the number. I waited for our usual meet-up and imagined what I would do if … More Friendly Fire

Soul Ties

Something draws me into you no matter how hard I try to resist. I’ll ignore you for months on in, but I haven’t let go. They say soul ties existent and I’ve never been sure if it’s true. I remember you mentioning it a time or two. You told me you’re here to say and … More Soul Ties

Never Know

I never know where I stand with you. Yet here I am on my hands and knees for you. Catering to you until I bleed and bruise. Bowing down to you when I’m the one who should be being catered to. I never know where I stand with you. Yet here I am laying in … More Never Know