TRUE LIFE: Two Is ‘Better’ Than One

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Threesomes; most men want them and most women refuse to have them and I can understand why. The outcome usually isn’t what one would imagine. Someone is either jealous, can’t last, or backs out at the last minute. That wasn’t completely the case for me.

This wasn’t your typical threesome though, I didn’t have to worry about having another woman in the mix. I didn’t have to worry about my man catching feelings for the next broad or giving her more attention than me in bed. I got to choose what I wanted my experience to be, and what I wanted was him and him, but the other one a little more.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, she let two men fuck on her at the same time? Isn’t that called a train and not a threesome?

Let’s be adults here… Just because a woman chooses to be with two men instead of one man and a woman, doesn’t make the act any different. It’s still three people participating in a consensual act of pleasure. The men do not have to touch at all and in many cases she isn’t even being penetrated by both men. The act does not make these men gay and it does not make the woman a hoe.

Every last one of us has sexual fantasies that we want to live out and in my case I did not want it to involve another woman, but instead another man.

Honestly I didn’t really want the other man involved and in reality I think he knew because he didn’t see the act all the way through, but let me explain further…

Me and John had been friends for years and there was nothing we didn’t know about each other. We weren’t strangers to fooling around with one another, but it was never anything serious between us. So when I decided I wanted to fuck his friend, the only thought that came to my mind was to tell him. What was he going to tell me? NO…? Instead he said let’s all meet up and see where the night takes us. I was down and so was his friend.

The night came around, and no lie I was kind of nervous, but it was nothing a few shots wouldn’t fix. We all got comfortable and said fuck it, let’s get this shit going. It started out with a little touching and me fooling around with my friend John, eventually Derrick wanted some attention and he pretty much got all of mine. It was as if John, wasn’t there anymore, and eventually he wasn’t (aka he didn’t last long at all).

I kind of want to say John got jealous, because after that night whenever Derrick started speaking to me and wanted to come by to see me John was always against it. I eventually had to sneak and see him just to experience that kind of pleasure again.

I had done a lot of adventurous things when it came to sex, but this was the first time I ever agreed to be with two men, just so I could avoid having to sneak behind my friends back to experience what his friend had between his legs. That night was the second time in my life that I got to experience a never-ending waterfall of pleasure flowing through my body. The couch was soaked and no one has ever made me cum like that again.

Ladies, I know we hate being judged, but if you ever get the chance of experiencing two men, go for it. It may be the best sex you’ve ever experienced. One may even leave cause he can’t keep up or handle the way another man takes care of your body. Just knowing someone is there watching or can hear the paradise you are in escape from your lips gets the juices flowing even more.

Don’t knock it until you try it.


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