The Lost Compass: Jeen-Yuhs Review

Finally, we get a look into the mind of Kanye West in this latest docuseries on Netflix titled “Jeen-Yuhs” . But were we ready for a better look into Kanye’s mind, or should we just have minded our own business? The series has been broken into 3 episodes which seems to show 3 different times or as I would like to say, versions of Kanye. In the beginning of the series, we see a bright and young Kanye eager for the world and passionate about his talent. In the beginning, it seemed as if Kanye’s only true supporter was his mother, Donda. She supported him since he fell in love with music as a child. Video clips show moments of Kanye speaking with his mother about his visions, goals, and ideas and she supported every single one of them. Talk about unconditional love. Miss Donda even knew a lot of the words to most of Kanye’s music even some that was never released. On the road to achieving his goal, we see Kanye appearing to have issues getting the proper support and backing of his label as intended. Kanye literally was funding his lifestyle and works of art by himself even while being signed to a label.

Kanye’s mother was his biggest supporter. She sat down with him, listened to any and everything that he had on his mind, while he would appear to be having bad days. He would be walking around, getting upset and it seemed like his mother had the ability to do what all mothers do; Take his pain away and make everything feel better by building him up. I’m not talking about “Everything is ok baby, you got it.” I mean Miss Donda really built Kanye up and that’s beautiful. Their relationship was amazing and one of the most beautiful mother son relationships I have ever seen on screen that was genuine.

After his career takes off, we see that Kanye starts getting swept away with the Hollywood life. Some of his normal associates have been pushed out of his circle and Kanye appears to hang around more celebrities instead. Kanye is now living his most iconic moments that history will never forget about. Monumental statements like “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” to standing in front of a full audience and telling the winner of an award that someone else deserved it more than they did. Kanye keeps making more and more great music and making different statements whilst becoming the legend that he was always meant to be until the unfortunate moment that his mother passes away during surgery. This brings us to the Kanye that we know today.

Kanye has been a lost compass since he has lost his mother. Regardless of his mental health, regardless what anyone has to say about it, this man has been destroyed since his mother was taken from him. You can see how the relationship that they had was so special and important to Kanye that once he lost his mother, he became lost himself.

This shows how relationships with black women influence black men. I’m probably about to get cancelled but I don’t care. His mother had built him up for so long that once his foundation was taken away, it all fell apart. She was able to create a superstar. Someone that had the mindset to say that he was a God. No one wants to talk about it. Kanye may be a little off, but his confidence is unstoppable, which is something powerful in itself. This all happened because of his mother, the black woman, not a Kardashian.


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