Why Are Black Women In Competition?

Good morning, how are you? You sleep well? I woke up curious and toxic so let’s get straight to it. 

In my opinion, Black women’s biggest competition is other Black Women. Not saying that competition is bad, I guess I’ll say that it seems that Black women love to tear down other Black women and have no issue doing it publicly. Yes, Black men are just as fucked up. I’ll cover us on the next article but right now it’s your turn. I just have a few questions or I guess I’ll say problems that bother me. Before ya’ll start, yes, my mother is Black, my wife is Black, my kids are Black and I love them all. Y’all not about to Kevin Samuels me, I got receipts.

The first issue we need to discuss is the appearance of each Black woman. It annoys me when other Black Women tear down other Black women but then when you ask them about their appearances, they claim they do it for themselves. If that’s the case, just keep comments about other women’s appearances to yourself. I hate when women push social appearance norms onto men’s standards as well. If your man cares about your nail color, and says that its unattractive to the point where he doesn’t want to have sex with you then your theme song is Insane by Summer Walker.

I feel like all women put too much pressure on themselves in regards to men’s standards but Black Women especially, since there is a longer history of psychological warfare. Question, you tell your man “Hey, I don’t like when you do this and it just turns me off” and he says “I don’t care, I do this for myself” would you not assume that he was gay? I already know that everyone is going to lie and deny these claims but let’s be honest with ourselves. It is okay to be honest today, I promise. Men honestly don’t care about women’s hair. We only ask how you wear it to get an understanding of how much of a future bill you will become as far as maintenance.

Why do Black women always give other Black women the worst advice as far as what to do in regards to their relationships? I’ll say 70/30 on that, because not all of you are doing the same thing, but man I’ve seen some of the stuff that y’all are telling each other online so ain’t no telling what y’all be telling each other in private. Some of you know I’m not lying. Have you ever felt like one of your friends was purposely giving you bad advice simply so that they could have someone that was single like them at the same time? Once again, not all women are like this, but this is what I have observed often in our community. Other women don’t want you to be happier than they are. A literal common toxic trait that has spread through our community that doesn’t just apply to relationships but also to all around lifestyle. Telling women they shouldn’t be fighting each other physically over something simple. Telling each other we shouldn’t risk our freedom and future simply because they want to be entertained because they’re bored.

Competition can always be good when it is healthy and used in a positive manner but sometimes modern times things feel like an actual arena. Selfish gain will have a negative effect on our community and people. Are we breaking old generational curses or simply recycling them?


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