Black & White

You know what?… I bet you the only culture or population of people who are not afraid to be unapologetically themselves are white people. Like have you ever really thought about that? Because when I think about it I am terrified. Terrified to be Black in front of Black people because my blackness might not … More Black & White

Black Independence Day

  Beautiful Loving Amazing Creative Kind Innovative Nurturing Devoted Educated Proud Elegant Natural Dedicated Encouraging Noble Cultured Everlasting Black Independence Day… The right way. Despite the hate; we are here to stay. If you’re offended, then be my guest. If you ain’t with it, then get left with the rest.

Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

Colorism is prejudice or discrimination against individuals with darker skin tones. Typically, this occurs among people of the same ethnic or racial group. For example, colorism within the Black community says you’re too dark to be beautiful, or you’re too light to be black. It has been a serious emotional and psychological battle for all … More Color Shouldn’t “COLOR” judgement

Set the Trend

Artwork by Thaddeus Coates @hippypotter Black girl don’t cry, they love you again they’re copying your hair, they wanna live in your skin. Wear your bamboo earrings proud, scream ya ghetto ass name out loud, rock ya long finger nails, with red polish you look amazing, they’re all astonished. Black girl don’t cry they’re following … More Set the Trend

Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (Peace and Riot Edition)

In continuing my search for local WOC (Women of Color) owned businesses, I came upon  Peace and Riot. Located in Bed Stuy, I decided to make my way over and check them out. Peace and Riot melts perfectly into the scenery of parks, trees, small shops and brownstones in Bed Stuy. Peace and Riot is … More Exploring Brooklyn: Women of Color Owned Businesses (Peace and Riot Edition)