I’m tired of being looked at as the angry black woman, I’m simply not angry I’m just ultimately fed up! I’m sure most of my black women reading this are in agreement.

I’m tired of the toxic family behavior, why can’t our black families support one another better? Emotionally and Mentally, our families aren’t always the best supporters.

I’m tired of waking up everyday going to a job I don’t enjoy, but I have to go just to survive.

I’m tired of going to school, why can’t my degrees come faster? I’m tired of judgement about my goals of becoming a writer. Hearing things like, “You’re not gonna find a high paying job writing” or “maybe you need a back up plan” or let’s not leave out, “you gotta do more than write”.

I don’t wanna hear that! Why can’t my dream be my dream without judgement?

I’m tired of this shitty ass system fucking over our black men, y’all know the system ain’t for us. BEAT THAT SHIT! Open up businesses, get them degrees, be fathers and husbands get out of them streets!

I’m tired of our youth getting fucked over by these grimy ass cops, why the hell do you mothafuckas think y’all got some power? Just cus y’all gotta badge huh?

I’m tired of going outside, hearing men make nasty ass remarks at me. My body is my body I should be able to wear what I want and express myself how I want to and when the fuck I want to!

I’m not ANGRY ! I’m tired.

I’m tired of you white people touching my locs and asking me are they braids or weave.

I’m tired of women fighting each other over these good for nothing dudes!

I’m tired of all these females thinking they better then the next like we all ain’t fighting demons!

I’m tired of y’all glorifying prostitution and stripping. Kids don’t even wanna be kids no more. Kids on social media idolizing City Girls and Cardi B.

Kids don’t want to be doctors and lawyers anymore, they want to be rappers and Instagram models. Why?

Society is fucked up!

I’m not ANGRY!! I’m tired.


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