Cuffing Season

I’m writing you this letter Dripped in my soul Done with the madness The emotional toll Loved you all winter Then you hated me all spring That’s how I figured out that this was all just a fling Never saw you in public But saw all of you at night The way you used to … More Cuffing Season

Meet Melaysia Sekai

I met Melaysia about a year ago on Instagram. Scrolling around I came across her page and seen that she had just recently self published her collection of poetry “Butterfly.” At the time I still hadn’t even thought too much about how I would publish my first book. So I started mini stalking her to … More Meet Melaysia Sekai

Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

One day I was on Instagram having my normal group conversation with two of my male friends. This group chat usually consisted of funny memes, videos and of course them sharing a bunch of pictures of Instagram models with their asses out and obsessing over phat cats. Let me just say it can be extremely … More Beauty Over Brains: Are Looks being Chosen Over Personality?

Misha’s Room Episode 4: Sharing is Caring

Welcome back to Misha’s Room my loves! We all know January is known for dragging on forever, so thankfully we’ve officially made it to February. I’ve been teasing y’all about non-monogamous relationships a bunch, so you can take this next episode as an introduction into that world. I wrote the poem Sharing is Caring when one … More Misha’s Room Episode 4: Sharing is Caring

Destiny Montgomery

Destiny Montgomery is a certified abundance life coach with a poppin’ YouTube Channel. Ever since I met this queen at San Jose State, I knew she was destined for greatness! Her vibrant personality and ambition make it hard not to love this girl. She recently launched her YouTube channel and her subscribers grow more and … More Destiny Montgomery