Storytime with Sky: Long Distance Love

img_2044Everyone has the following questions about love and relationships. Can you love someone from an distance? Is it possible for a relationship to work if it’s long distance? How could you date someone who is not in the same city and/or state as you?

All of these questions are things I’ve asked myself. Plenty of times, how did I maintain a relationship from afar? Well, I’m going to share this story of long distance love with you.

When I was fifteen I met this guy on Instagram from New York. At the time I was already dealing with a very toxic relationship here in my own state. The guy I was dating at the time mentally and emotionally abused me. He had me feeling as though I was not good enough for him. He also put all of my insecurities in my face making me feel like I wasn’t worth it. He was older then me as well, we’re going to call him “toxic bae”.

When I met Prince Charming he kept my mind off of all of the craziness. The bond we created in such short time literally showed me there’s no time on love. The feelings I grew for this man seemed super impossible, we had a very emotional connection and attachment.

Distant love does exist although it could truly be challenging. We both agreed that someday we had to meet up and physically enjoy one another. I was super young at the time so I couldn’t do much besides school.

When we became of age, our relationship fell apart and the cause was distance. We sort of grew apart which broke my heart into a million pieces, because I genuinely did love this boy with every little piece of me.

I thought maybe linking up would change his mind of where our relationship was turning but it hadn’t. Our link up was everything but the vibe was no longer the same. I learned that we both fell out of love. If you plan on dating long distance, definitely be prepared to meet up with one another.

It is possible to work out a long distance relationship as long as communication is where it needs to be.


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