You Ain’t The Reason

There has been this common misconception that women can/have “changed“ a man. There is almost a gloating when a woman has dealt with a childish man, his lies, cheating and emotional immaturity and then he one day changes. The sad truth behind this, that I do not think women sometimes realize is that the credit we … More You Ain’t The Reason

Trapped In My Past

People say dwelling on the past isn’t healthy and we should focus on the present and hope to have a better future. I understand it, but I also don’t. I feel like most of my happier moments in life are all complied in a file, that is my past. I was happy, I was free, … More Trapped In My Past

Mr. Right Now (part I)

There’s nothing more disappointing than being ready for love and not having the right candidate.  Having options is great, but it will never compare to having a king who prioritizes your companionship. When a man solidifies his connection with a woman, it lets us know that “it’s real” and not just momentary.  This solid foundation is … More Mr. Right Now (part I)