Self Care Check List

1. Just breathe

2. Continue to breathe deep belly breaths

3. Wash your face & brush your hair

4. Put a face mask on and oil your scalp

5. Listen to soothing sounds when you go to sleep

6. Tell yourself I Love You and mean it a minimum of 20X a day

7. Ask for hugs

8. Ask for hand and forehead kisses

9. Ask someone for one thing you need today

10. Play with your friends

11. Take a bubble bath or a steamy shower

12. Have a deep belly laugh

13. Dance in your nickers

14. Take your self for a snack or a bite to eat.

15. Make yourself a candle lit buffet of your favorite snacks or meal

16. Lead yourself on a sun or cloud walk.

17. Take your medicine or have a joint

18. Turn your phone off for awhile

19. Take a trip to get your favorite drink

20. Sleep

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