What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

Halloween is right around the corner and for most that may mean eating a shit load of candy, dressing like a whore (it’s cute) and getting wasted. If you’re a mom you’re probably getting your kids all dressed up in multiple costumes (school & Halloween night), passing out candy, taking the kids trick or treating and then wining down for the night. Other’s may not be celebrating the Devil’s day at all.

For me Halloween is almost all of the above, but my favorite part about it is watching me a good scary movie. I usually do that year round, but once Halloween hits it’s a must. Last year, we had a Halloween party because of COVID and while everyone was inside playing games and drinking, the kids and I sat in the backyard and watched scary movies on the projector—fun, yet terrifying.

With that being said I’m going to leave you all a list of my favorite horror films—All classics! If you’re scary don’t watch them alone. Also some of these are actually hilarious. Once you start paying close attention and peeping everything said it’s a different ball game as an adult.

1. Halloween: Choose your favorite, but I usually stick with the original, but if you have the time binge watch them all. Also Halloween Kills is coming out so someone better take me on a date.

2. Scream: what’s your favorite scary movie?

3. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer: 1&2

4: Candy Man: The Original as I’ve yet to watch the remake, so maybe I’ll add that to my list of things to watch.

5. Final Destination: Literally all of them. That whole trilogy made me terrified of everything. Trucks and Rollercoasters scare me till this day.

6. Nightmare On Elm Street: Out of all the scary ass serial killers Freddy might have them all beat. I’m not trying to fuck with anyone who haunts me in my sleep.

7. Child’s Play: Almost every Chucky movie is on my list. Every one except the Seed of Chucky and that damn cult Chucky movie. I love his crazy ass and my family refuses to let me but The Chucky and Tiffany Dolls.

What’s some of your favorite go-to movies around Halloween?


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