Dear Mary Jane,

Hey girl, hey! Just wanted to take some time to thank you for your growth. Without you, I would be a drug addict probably… doped up on prescription meds, searching for my next high to take the edge off. Since you came into my life things have never been the same. You have allowed me … More Dear Mary Jane,

Maintain or Sustain

I find myself thinking about how we manage friendships and our significant others and to be quite honest I find that somehow we have normalized putting friendships on the back burner as if they are not relationships that we need to maintain. That boyfriends/ girlfriends somehow come into our lives and it automatically means that … More Maintain or Sustain


We are not here to just survive. Just to live here. We are made to thrive. And take up space. To stretch and extend. Being molded into something new. Transforming into our purpose.