#RedFlags: Family Ties

I’ve always deep down known that I’m an old man, but now that I’m getting older and my children are growing, I’m officially becoming an old man. So, once I heard that #RedFlag was trending, I automatically assumed damn, the Bloods are trending on twitter. It was obviously brought to my attention that I was out of context and thinking of the wrong thing by a good friend of mine. Red Flags are situations or incidents that occur that gives you personal warnings of something negative from certain individuals. As always, I am simply here to save my brothers and give them the tools that I learned.

I’ve noticed that a lot of women in this generation are quick to give certain individuals titles even though they are undeserving. In my opinion, I see this trend happening more regarding women interacting with certain men. Women will call the “weird” looking guy in her class that likes her, let’s her cheat off his paper and tries to get her number brother. The girl that said your lashes were popping in the cafeteria is your sis. I’ll give this advice to anyone who wants to take it; If you know any woman that acts like this, immediately RUN. Change you number, cut her off, move to another city, whatever possible, because this is a toxic person. In today’s lesson, your favorite OG is going to drop the gems that will help you identify and get a better understanding of why these type of women in your life are nothing but trouble.

Have you ever been around an attractive woman at some type of social event, and she keeps having multiple guys coming over and speaking to her and each time she has introduced these individuals as her “brother?” Obviously, they are not blood related so what did this guy do to get such a special unique title? Most likely not a damn thing. This dude may have brought her some food and maybe helps her with somethings. In my opinion, certain women do this to men in order to make these men feel special so that they will go above and beyond than they normally would for a normal girl. Keeping these types of men like a basketball team and using each man for each specific role that they may play. On one hand, I’m not mad and I understand, because using someone else’s resources is easier than using your own. At the same time, most of these men are delusional and simply playing their role in the background waiting for their turn. However, if this woman is keeping men around her like that, what makes you special? If a woman openly states “Hey, I’m not interested”, and these types of men stay around then that’s on you for playing the simp role. Women also shouldn’t keep these types of people around them, because once they feel they can buy you, you are no longer a person, you are a tool.

 I will be honest, some men purposely put themselves into these types of situations because they have no game and that’s like the only way that they get women. It’s like a scavenger mentality; Waiting around picking up scraps, hovering around in circles, waiting for their turn at the prize. It’s also important for women to able to identify that these so-called friends around them are not in that position to stay friends, they have a set agenda. This situation doesn’t typically seem to happen regarding men. Just think about, it how many times have you heard about a woman being friends with a guy simply so that she can sleep with them? I’m not saying that it’s not possible, I’m simply stating that these types of things don’t seem that common when it happens to men vs women.

 Overall, dating has changed. For example, somethings have gotten better regarding how people approach each other and get to know each other. At first I was thinking that men should learn this and to keep this type of information present with them in the dating world. Now that I have thought more into this, I have learned that this type of environment may even be used to target women. I was wrong in assuming that initially and I apologize. Sometimes women can have pure intentions, just be a nice person and can be hunted as prey against certain predators.

Learning the true intentions of those around you is not a simple matter that can be processed with a simple button. These things take time so that they can be exposed. The best red flag advice that I can give you is to test everyone. Your family, your friends, even co-workers. Test their character, test it again and again and again. Everyone lies to hide who they truly are inside, but testing someone on their character can be an easier way for you to identify them.


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