The Life Lesson I learned from A Cartoon

I love cartoons. Always have always will. One of my favorite cartoons is The Fairy Oddparents. I remember one episode where Timmy Turner, the protagonist, was having a pretty rough day (which is nothing new if you follow the show). After getting banged up he had a moment of relief where he stated that if his day started out as bad as it did, then it has to get better. Believe it or not, I believe this to have some truth. Whenever I am going through a rough patch, I often tell myself that it only gets better from here and that’s what keeps me encouraged and puts a smile on my face which creates a warming sensation inside of my chest. I remind myself that at the end of every harsh winter is a beautiful spring day where everything that I hoped for, prayed for, and spoke into existence will start to blossom and bloom beyond my wildest imagination.


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