Better Left Unsaid (Part III)

“Come in!” Amber said, glancing up from her phone to acknowledge her father. Her eyes were puffy from crying so much after yet another fight with Elliot. “You ok sweetie?,” he asked. “I’m fine,” said Amber in a soft voice that indicated anything otherwise. As Elliot slowly sat on the edge of Amber’s bed, he … More Better Left Unsaid (Part III)

Album Review for Big K.R.I.T’s Digital Rose’s Don’t Die

I recently listened to Big K.R.I.T’s latest project Digital Roses Don’t Die. I enjoyed it! I had long heard that Big K.R.I.T was a solid MC but I only heard a couple of his tracks and never a full album. After listening to his latest album Digital Roses Don’t Die, I now see what everyone … More Album Review for Big K.R.I.T’s Digital Rose’s Don’t Die

Sweet Temptation pt.2

“Yeah, I had to come back for that slice of lemon cake you were telling me about,” she said. “Had I known you were coming, I would’ve purchased it for you,” I told her. “Really?!,”she said, sounding surprised. “You’re so sweet.” When the hostess arrived back with her order of lemon cake, Dinah left. But … More Sweet Temptation pt.2

Sweet Temptations Pt.1

While getting acquainted with the ladies after their meal, I finally learned the name of the fifth woman. Her name was Dinah and she was a very beautiful woman with a mocha completion that was near flawless complete with full lips and beautiful almond shape brown eyes that sat behind a pair of black rimmed … More Sweet Temptations Pt.1

Kobe Mode

I’m going Kobe Mode! That’s what I use to tell myself or at least think to myself as I prepared to take on a task alone. The reason behind the name is none other than the late great basketball legend Kobe Bryant, one of my favorite basketball players and public figures. Growing up, I remember … More Kobe Mode