Sweet Temptations Pt.1

While getting acquainted with the ladies after their meal, I finally learned the name of the fifth woman. Her name was Dinah and she was a very beautiful woman with a mocha completion that was near flawless complete with full lips and beautiful almond shape brown eyes that sat behind a pair of black rimmed glasses. She stood at just 5 foot 4 inches and had a spirit as sweet as pie. I made it my business to ask the ladies if they enjoyed dining with us. Just as I expected, they did. Dinah mentioned that she saw the lemon cake in our display window but she was much too full to have a slice. “I guess that means you’ll have to come back and see us!,” I said while smiling through my mask. “I guess so,” she said flashing that beautiful smile of hers. I complimented her smile which caused her to blush. “Thank you!,” she replied laughing while trying to hide her bright red cheeks. “Are you blushing?,” I asked her while smiling myself. “Yes” she replied rocking back and forth, smiling, looking somewhat embarrassed. I told her she was beautiful. Her eyes softened as she told me thank you. Finally, the ladies left.

The next night at work, I was informed that I had a visitor at the front of the restaurant. It was Dinah. She was dressed in a black turtleneck and charcoal grey business slacks. The red lipstick she was wearing really brought her ensemble together perfectly. “Hi,” she said cheerfully as she waved at me. “How are you?,” I replied, smiling back at her. “I didn’t expect to see you back so soon.”


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