Intertwined Part II

I woke up to his face and realized that my sneaky link had turned into a overnight stay. I quickly grabbed my clothes and was pulled back in by his arms. This one night made me realize that we couldn’t go back to being just friends. I couldn’t even deny the feelings that came with … More Intertwined Part II


I flipped over to see his sleeping face, and I knew I was in deep trouble. It was never supposed to go this far, but this was third time of us linking up. I couldn’t even tell you how we ended up here or why we couldn’t stop meeting up. I just knew that our … More Intertwined

Doing It Well

He thought this was my first rodeo. Boy will he be surprised once this night was done. We had been coworkers for three years and I had watched his every move. He had become a pro at whipping people into shape. Now, it was time for me to experience what he had to offer.  I … More Doing It Well

I Used To Love Her: Part 5 – The Flip Has Been Switched

“How did this happen?” David said to himself as he sat in the living room of Karen’s apartment. Sitting across from David was Mr. and Mrs. Green, as they were awaiting breakfast from their daughter Karen. Mr. Green was curious as to how this pairing happened between David and Karen, especially since he noticed the … More I Used To Love Her: Part 5 – The Flip Has Been Switched