Intertwined Part II

I woke up to his face and realized that my sneaky link had turned into a overnight stay. I quickly grabbed my clothes and was pulled back in by his arms. This one night made me realize that we couldn’t go back to being just friends. I couldn’t even deny the feelings that came with our sex. The sex was just a physical manifestation of what we felt for each other. Yet, I knew it couldn’t go further.

“You don’t have to say it,” he said.

“Huh?” I said as I looked back at him confused.

“I know your situation and I respect it, but I care for you,” he replied. 

I leaned in to kiss him and I knew that I couldn’t let him go. I cared for him and I wanted this long term.

I watched as he started the water to run his morning shower. He signaled for me to join him. As I entered the tub, he lathered a loofah sponge to wash my back. I moved my hair out the way to allow him to do he desired. The loofah sponge had turned into kisses down my spine. I was gently pushed against the glass of the shower and felt his tongue lick my adorned clit. As I rubbed his head the thoughts of his dick inside me took over continuously. I gripped his head even harder as I felt myself cum on his tongue. I gently guided his body up towards me. I lifted my leg up and motioned for him to enter me. His wet skin made the sex feel ten times better than it had the night before. With each stroke I felt the intensity of the feelings he wasn’t speaking. I liked the feeling of him on me, in me, or any way I could get him.

I couldn’t let  this man just get away. I wanted this the same way he did. I wanted more nights and mornings like this. I wanted to smell his scent and feel his skin each day. We helped each other dry off and prepare for the day. We both acknowledged that this would be our new norm. We both had fallen before we even admitted that this was something we wanted. I got dressed to head home and the reality of what I was doing weighed heavy on me. I had two men sign feelings and this could end badly.

Maybe this could work if both agreed to share me. I’m already bisexual so being poly wouldn’t be a big change, I thought to myself. 

I looked down at my phone and realized that the talk I wanted to avoid was going to happen sooner than I thought. Those missed calls and messages from last night were all from Kane. The ping of my phone dying sent him an alert of my location. He was three minutes away from Jason’s house to fix the argument we had the previous night. It was time to face the reality of my situation. I alerted Jason of the Kane’s arrival. The doorbell rang and Jason was faced with the one person I wanted him to avoid. I knew Kane was aware of what happened because he avoided any contact with me. 

“So I’m guessing things went smoothly last night,” he asked Jason. 

“Yeah, they did,” as he gave him a hug. 

“Cool, we just need to bring her up to speed and look at living arrangements then,” he replied. 

“Does anyone want to tell me whats going on?” I shouted as I got up from the sofa.

“It’s obvious, we both want you so we decided to put a plan in motion,” Kane replied calmly. 

He continued, “We love you and I realized months ago Jason had feelings since the start for you. So let’s make this work,” he stated. 

They both walked over to me and begin to undress me. I watched as Kane’s head went between my thighs and Jason’s tongue slowly licked my nipples. The pleasure from both of them made me quickly cum. I opened my eyes just in time to see them switch positions and the pleasure started once again. 

I guess being intertwined wouldn’t be bad after all. 

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