“Let’s Be Friends” Chapter 2 – Nasir

Photo by Derick Anies on Unsplash

If you haven’t read Chapter One be sure to read it to see how we got here:

“Nas sat on the other end of his phone waiting for Rebecca’s reply. He saw the three dots moving, but they immediately disappeared. He’d been going back and forth in his mind, wondering if he’d made the right decision. Rebecca did nothing wrong for him to be doing her the way he was; in fact, she was the closest thing to perfect he had ever gotten. She made him happy even when everything around him was crumbling. With her, he was frozen in time, and he liked it there. When they were together, he saw no one but her; everyone just disappeared. He’d spend all day talking to her on the phone, and if they weren’t talking, they were sending I miss you texts and silly pictures. 

Nas flashbacked to the first time he saw Rebecca. It was at an event held at the summer mansion he shared with his best friends in Malibu. The date was June 6, 2015, a Saturday. He remembered it like it was yesterday. She walked into the room like she owned the place, smiling and waving at all of her colleagues. She had the prettiest smile he had ever come across. He watched the way she moved, how she introduced herself to people she wasn’t familiar with without hesitation and exchanged business cards after having what looked like mind-stimulating conversations. The way she dressed stood out to him the most. While most of the women in the room had on short tight dresses and stripper heels as if they planned to go shake their asses all across the city after, Rebecca kept it classy in a black fitted pants suit with a red tank under her blazer that showed a little cleavage but not too much. Her heels were red, and her lipstick matched. She wore her long silky brown hair in a high ponytail. He knew it was real because when he finally built up the courage to talk to her, he asked. He could remember her looking at him with annoyance as if she wanted him to go away and never come back. That’s probably why it took her so long to go on a date with me, he thought as he looked down at his phone.”

I bet you’re wondering what she’s going to say. Be on the look out for Chapter 3 soon… or you can always head over to Amazon to see what happens next 🙂


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