Pleasure and Pain II

It had been two weeks without a text or a call. Usually by now we would be back to loving on each other. I was starting to realize that maybe I should start moving on from him. Yet, I know how much I loved him. I spent months denying I had feelings for him until I was left with only the memories. I replayed how he would help with chores around the house, buy me gifts, support me in any capacity, and how he knew my body. He knew exactly what spots to touch. He knew that the feelings of his hands around my throat instantly made me wet. I could feel him entering me and me squirting on him when he hit just the right spot. The way that he made me cum back to back wasn’t something I was trying to give up easily. I couldn’t let another woman experience that. As I replayed our sex scenes in my head, I was quickly snapped back to reality. I watched him trot down the steps and enter the Honda that just pulled in front of his house. I had been watching the house for at least three hours without him ever noticing. I checked my watch and knew instantly where he was headed. I watched them pull off and followed two cars behind them. As they turned into the Ville I noticed that his best friend, Wolf, was tailing me. I knew that he would blow my cover. Wolf was a lot of things, but disloyal wasn’t one of those. I quickly turned into the gas station parking lot, parked, and grabbed my purse. I looked in my rearview to see Wolf pulling up behind me. I unlocked my car and stepped out without making eye contact with him.

“Aye Nec, yo wassup!” he yelled.

I hate when he calls me that, I thought to myself.

“Hey boy and stop calling me that,” I said.

“You and my boy still not talking?”

“Nope and at this point we never will,” I said.

I had to put on a front because I wasn’t showing weakness in this situation. I locked my car and walked off as Wolf continued to talked. I didn’t want to hear what he had to say. Whatever he was saying was going to throw me off my game. I couldn’t afford to move sloppy tonight. I walked in, spoke to the clerk, and grabbed my usual pick up. As I checked out, I watched Wolf leave the gas station to meet the crew. I hurried out to see what turn he was making. He made the usual right which let me know exactly where Dre would be. He was going on a drill so I knew that the next few hours were vital to my plan. I started my car, left the gas station, and took the same right turn. I decided to park my cars a few blocks down and walk the rest of the way. I saw Wolf’s car parked by Ty’s house so I knew what was next. I watched as they gave each other their usual embraces. The six of them were definitely solid when it came to street business. However, that same solidarity lacked when it came to matters of the heart. Dre had given these same guys more of his time than me. 

For two weeks, I was hurting and he was out here doing business as usual. He hurt me and he didn’t even take time from the streets to process it. I watched as he got into the usual spot in the black Tahoe and waited for them to pull off. I knew once they were out of sight that it was go time. I watched as the SUV disappeared and made my way to Dre’s car. You see, I knew that he always parked his car in the Ville prior to going on a drill. I also knew the alarm wouldn’t go off when I broke into his car. The one thing I learned from him was to avoid bringing attention to yourself. Car alarms and lights broke that code. I popped the lock and hopped into the passenger seat. 

My mind instantly wandered as I saw those red leather seats. We had so many memories in this car. I slid the sunroof back and ran my hand along the interior. I thought back to how we made love in this very seat. It always started with me giving him sloppy head in the front seat and then before you know it we were on the side the road. I would climb on top and ride him until I felt my juices hit the seat. My cowgirl would quickly turn into missionary with my legs touching the sunroof. But in this moment none of that mattered. I needed to install this tracker and get back to my car. I attached the tracker to the gas pedal while setting up the app on my phone. He was going to regret making me cry. I pulled the note from my pocket and read the typed words one more time…”Payback isn’t a bitch if a check comes with it.” I chuckled and taped the note on his rear view. I locked the car door back and patiently waited for them to return. Three hours passed and I finally saw the black SUV making its way back. I knew this would be the start of my plan. As they exited the vehicle, Dre started his usual routine after a drill. He pulled off his hoodie, stuffed his gloves in his pocket, and dapped the boys. He never stayed to talk once everything was done. He walked to his car, unlocked it, and proceeded to start the car. However, just as quickly as he got in, I saw him hop out. He had found the note and now the show began. He called out to Wolf who alerted the others. The lock on his face let me know that my plan was going well. Round one of mind games was done but I knew this meant war. Dre doesn’t take disrespect lightly or his personal space being violated. I giggled to myself as they discussed the note and took the walk back to my car using the back street. They were so worried about the note that the black car rolling up never caught their attention. I gave the signal and quickly made it my business to get out of dodge. 

To be continued…


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