Friendly Fire

It was only supposed to be a one-time thing. But here I was reminiscing on how it went down the third time and the fourth. This time was different, though; it had happened so much that I lost track of the number. I waited for our usual meet-up and imagined what I would do if we ever got caught. At this moment, I could quickly put my car in reverse and head back home. Yet, everything in me didn’t want to. I need to feel him just one more time or maybe two, but either way, I wasn’t cutting him off tonight. My thoughts had consumed me so much that I never noticed “him” at my door. Instead, I leaned up to see his smile and his usual welcoming gift whenever we met. He knew how I felt about the small things, and he always made sure to do something that awed me.

“Hey, Ms. Necia,” he said cunningly.

“Hey, Mr. Seth, another night to get it right,” I said.

“You know it, and I got the Rosé,” he said.

I smiled and unlocked the door for him to get in. As he slammed the door, I checked around to make sure no one was around. The last thing I needed was drama from his girl or people at work. You see, we had really violated boundaries. We were two co-workers who all ran in the same friend circle, and his girl was one of my sorority sisters. We both knew the consequences of getting caught, but that never seemed to matter when we decided to engage in our moments away from the world. It seemed as if time stopped when we were together; we ignored the world, or it was the one time that no one needed us. I pulled up to our usual meeting spot and watched as he got out of the car to pull back the fence. I pulled in, and he met me at the door of the loft we rented each weekend. We entered the loft, and I patiently waited for my gift.

“I decided to do something different this time; close your eyes,” he said.

I waited nervously with my eyes closed and felt something cold against my back.

“Open your eyes,” he stated.

It was my favorite wine and two dozen stem roses mixed with a few sunflowers mixed in. He knew that these were my favorite, and he also knew that his friend had never brought me flowers. After six months of dating, he never remembered to get me flowers. But Seth did within two months of us fooling around. We were slowly beginning to fall for each other, yet that didn’t stop us. Usually, most people back off when feelings get involved, but we liked our calm chaos as long as it didn’t get messy. He slowly pulled down my romper and began to taste me with the same passion he felt for me in his heart. I gripped his hair as I got closer to my climax, and I slowly released my juices in his mouth with each lick. He continued to hold me as I got weaker with each second until I finally collapsed into his open arms. Tonight I was going to make love to him like he deserved it. I was going to make love to my boyfriend’s best friend.

As he made his way in the door, I could smell his usual sandalwood spray before he even entered the kitchen. I could feel his warm hands around my waist and his tender kisses on my neck. I hated how much I melted in his hands and how he knew exactly what I needed each time. With each kiss I feel deeper into the trance of him and I smiled at the thought of what was next. I felt his hands raise my dress up and I knew that this wasn’t the last time. But for now I would pretend like it was…

To be continued…


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