Pleasure and Pain III

I jumped into my car with no regrets for what was about to happen. If he had loved me correctly, then this could have been avoided. Hearing the signs of the Draco was like music to my ears. I knew the mission was done and it was time for me to exit. I made my way home and awaited the phone call that I knew was coming. I never wanted Dre to get hurt, but I did want him to see that I wasn’t a toy. As I hopped in the shower, my phone started to ding as I knew it would. It was the text and the updates about what had just happened in the hood. I didn’t need the updates, I just needed the knock on the door. As I allowed the water to run on my skin I jammed to the Pooh Shiesty song Dre put me on. I finished my shower and saw the missed calls and texts relating to Dre. I wasn’t responding because it was out of my hands now. I wrapped up in my towel and started my movie on Netflix. However, I was only ten minutes in when I heard the knock on my door. The signature I had established whenever someone needed my help. I made my way to the door and there he stood. 

“Dre, you can’t show up to my house uninvited like this”, I said.

“Shit went left tonight. Someone followed us after a drill and now shit is messy. I mean, we got them, but it was like they wanted to get popped,” he exclaimed.

“What are you talking about Dre!”

“These boys wanted us to shoot them…like they got a thrill from it,” he muttered.

He was confused and he should be. You see the plan was never to let them kill Dre. It was to get him to me. My boys knew that the drive-by was just a distraction. 

“So why did you come here then Dre! I don’t want no parts of that shit,” I exclaimed.

“Please don’t turn on me right now, my boys are trying to get shit handled. Let me stay with you—you’re my safe space.”

“I guess boy,” I yelled. 

I walked away to my bedroom and heard his footsteps come soon after. I already knew what was about to happen next ,so I waited for it. He started with the usual kisses down my back and the hug from behind. I pretended to resist, but I wanted this just as much as he did. His lips kissed my neck and I melted. His arms quickly picked me up and laid me down. I watched as his face disappeared between my thighs. He knew my body so well and with each lick I grabbed his locs harder. I motioned for him to come up and lay down so I could help us both out. As he lay on his back, I climbed on top. Feeling him in me felt like paradise and with each stroke I set up his chest. I could feel my juices dripping down. Watching him close his eyes as I gripped with each bounce. He was so caught up in getting his nut that he never opened his eyes. But this was my time and I was going to enjoy every minute of it. As I leaned in for my usual kiss, I felt my self-climaxing. The rush of my juices was in competition with the rush of his blood on my sheets. I got my last kiss and nut as I put down the gun I had underneath my pillow. The silencer had done the trick. 

Payback isn’t a bitch, but I was.


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