Better Left Unsaid (Part III)

Photo by Jan Koetsier on

“Come in!” Amber said, glancing up from her phone to acknowledge her father. Her eyes were puffy from crying so much after yet another fight with Elliot. “You ok sweetie?,” he asked. “I’m fine,” said Amber in a soft voice that indicated anything otherwise. As Elliot slowly sat on the edge of Amber’s bed, he reminded her that he only wanted the best for her and that everything he had done up to that point was to provide a better life for the both of them, but especially her. As Elliot talked, Amber actually listened. This was one of those rare moments of peace between the two. No yelling. No screaming. No shouting. Just father and daughter having a heart to heart conversation while Summer Walker played in the background on low volume. Amber cried some more because this was one of those rare moments where they shared what was on their hearts with each other without the usual theatrics. For the first time in a long, she felt like she had her understanding father back. After a lengthy much needed conversation, Elliot and Amber gave each other a long hug. They both needed this. Hugging Elliot made Amber feel like that little girl again who thought of her father as Superman. As for Elliot, in this moment, he felt like he had his little girl back. The night ended on a good note. This was the first time in a long time. The night ended so well that Amber wouldn’t dare tell her father that she was carrying the child of a no good butt like Milo. That would definitely turn the night upside down for sure. “Goodnight baby girl. I love you” Elliot told her as he was about to exit her room. “Goodnight Daddy. I love you too,” she replied. Amber then glances at her phone to see a couple unread messages from Milo. She took a deep breath as she unlocked her phone to reply.


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