Feeling Some Type Of Way

Photo By: Akilah York

Texas is so annoying right now! Google it…

Google: Texas September 1st, 2021

I’m trying to take as many deep breaths as possible so that I can just get this off my chest and be done with it…

For the time being…

Well until another rant of expression comes up.

Texas, why are you so annoying?

Why am I even asking that question, because I know how conservative you are.

It’s just so frustrating and really sad.

Whoever did this didn’t do it to be a humanitarian, they did it to be a controlling narcissist.

I know all different kinds of women and I’ve heard all kinds of different stories:

I’ve been told a story of an adolescent who was sexually assaulted by a sibling’s partner and got pregnant. She had an abortion, kept it a secret and blamed it on a high school fling.

I’ve heard a story of a young lady who got pregnant by her abusive partner in college. She already felt trapped and was trying to leave. So she got an abortion and left college for awhile then finished at another school.

Another story of a young woman who got pregnant by an occasional fling. She was already a mom to a child she hardly seen. She got really sick and passed out at work, went to the ER and found out she was pregnant. She then had a difficult surgery to remove the fetus that wasn’t gone after the “removal” pill.

Then there’s this kid who’s mom seems to want nothing to do with her. She’s there to be looked at but that’s all. No nurturing or playing taking place. No felt presence… No participation… No love honestly… Just a tiny human wanting to connect, but nothing to connect to. The kid has never heard of her father and the rest of the family just thinks about where this baby came from right before birth because they had no idea she was coming at all.

There’s another story I heard of a teen who overheard her mother say she didn’t want her. After further investigation, she found out why her father had never been around. She found out her mother was sexually assaulted and now she looks just like her father- just like the predator that pinned her mother down. She was extra loved by her mom, but felt a disconnect from other family members. And now she knew why.

Senior year of high school there was a hyper sexual young lady who got pregnant by a boy in the Bay Area. Her religious grand mother took her to get an abortion to keep up the family image.

There’s so many more stories and just not enough time…

A woman should have the right to do with her body as she pleases. The mental health of a woman should be one of the most important things and when you take away a right to choose to be a mother you deeply damage the importance of self choice along with the mental stability to be a parent.


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