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Dirty Change: Part 14- Let The Games Begin

"Well, this is gonna be fun." Secret was watching from a safe distance as the police took in Mr. Nickel/Dirty Change. She watched them put him in the back of the police car and as he got in the police car, it's almost like the souls of Dirty Change and Secret were speaking to each… Continue reading Dirty Change: Part 14- Let The Games Begin

My Life Be Like

Cliques – I Don’t Need Em!

Growing up I've never been the popular girl, despite what everyone likes to believe. My group of friends could barely form a triangle but throughout middle and high school, I didn't think about it much. I might not have had a ton a friends but I still felt welcome. It wasn't until I left college… Continue reading Cliques – I Don’t Need Em!

My Life Be Like


My eyes are tired from wrestling with my dreams at night, my body's weary from fighting all the demons creeping their way inside. My soul, it's wounded from all the secrets I know, but I can't give up now, I gotta go with the flow. My mind is racing with thoughts of all my struggle… Continue reading Flow

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“The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !

I really couldn’t find the words to start this article. In fact, I sat looking at the blank page overnight trying to figure out the point I would get across. How I would present myself and my topic to others in an understanding manner. Also, in a way that wouldn't be offensive to others. I… Continue reading “The Secret Is Out” Anonymous Interview on Sexual Assault !


The Perfect One

Right before high school started my friend Curtis Philips introduced my friends and I to some high school guys who lived in his neighborhood. We started hanging out with these dudes and they were so cool! Meeting them gave me high hopes about high school, because they were all in the 11th grade and most… Continue reading The Perfect One