Dirty Change: Part 14- Let The Games Begin

Dirty Change 2

“Well, this is gonna be fun.”

Secret was watching from a safe distance as the police took in Mr. Nickel/Dirty Change. She watched them put him in the back of the police car and as he got in the police car, it’s almost like the souls of Dirty Change and Secret were speaking to each other.

“Follow the plan.”

“I will.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

And just like that, he was gone in the back of the police car while Secret was still there gathering herself. She knew what she had to do and she knew she wasn’t going to have much time to do it. She quickly got back in her Hyundai Sonata and proceeded to carry out what needed to be done.

“I knew he would eventually catch up to me.”



“Oh. you talking about Dirty Change. Ain’t nobody buying that mess Mr. Nickel. You’re a despicable human being and you got found out finally. I knew something was up with you. You couldn’t be that good a guy.  No one is.”

Detective Porter was all smiles after he said that to Mr. Nickel. Finally his premonitions about Mr. Nickel came to reality and with the evidence collected and the fingerprints all over the place, there was no way he was going to get out of this one.

While Porter was taking Mr. Nickel in, Detective Collins was working her way over to Sandra’s house. She had already made arrangements to get Joseph back home safely so she could get back to solving this case. She was looking for that Sonata she saw earlier. She knew it was a longshot, but there was a chance she may be at her house before trying to skip town.

As she pulled up, she knew she was out of luck. The car was not there at all, however, she did walk up to her house to at least check out the scene. As she walked in, she noticed the place was in shambles. There was not much there, but what she did notice was some information from Shady Tree Mental Institution along with a picture of a woman, but the picture of Sandra didn’t match the name.

“The heck is this?”

Detective Collins was noticing that this woman had been through some things. Sandra wasn’t really Sandra. She was really Marilyn Short and she had been living as Sandra for some time now and the information with the picture explained a lot.

“Split personality named Secret is psychotic. She sees injuries and murder and torture as a fun game.”

As Detective Collins read that description, she was shook to the core. There was no way this woman was released into the public with the stuff mentioned. In fact, you would think they would want to keep her forever. As Detective Collins was thinking over what she ready and began to walk around the apartment, she noticed a stench coming from the kitchen area.

“Did she not wash dishes or something? Geez!”

As she made  her way to the kitchen, she noticed the kitchen was clean. As perplexed as she was about the clean kitchen, she had to find that smell. It was somewhere in that kitchen. Then she looked under the kitchen sink and there it was.

Detective Collins threw up upon opening the doors as there was the body of the presumed real Sandra all chopped up into pieces and stored in bags under the kitchen sink. As she saw this mess, she called for backup and forensics to come check this scene out. While everyone was so caught up in Mr. Nickel, this woman was probably just as manical and probably just as guilty as he was. Unfortnately, there was no sign of her anywhere.

“Well, guess it’s time to wait on the cavalry to get here and take up this evidence.”

Detective Collins called Detective Porter and let him know of what she did and didn’t find at the place of the presumed Sandra.  As they walked Mr. Nickel into the precinct, there were plenty of media around, taking pictures and asking questions. Instead of stopping for at least a question or two, Porter decided to get Mr. Nickel in as fast as possible. As soon as he got Mr. Nickel in the building and got him booked, he guided him to an interrogation room and that’s where the questions begun.

“Who is Dirty Change?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’m going to ask you again. Who is Dirty Change?”

“I don’t know.”

“Are you going to answer any questions here today?”

“NO sir. Get me my lawyer.”

It took about 45 minutes, but his lawyer finally made it there to him.

“How are you?”

“Well,  I’m in handcuffs and in an interrogation room. How do you think I’m doing?”

“Well, sorry for that but I need to find those basic things out before we get to business.”

“Look here Anthony, I need you to get me out of this one.”

Mr. Anthony Dukakis had been the lawyer for Mr. Nickel since he was going through his issues after his wife was murdered. He had seen Mr. Nickel at his best and he had seen him at his worst. He knew he would do his absolute best for him in representing him.

“Well, looking over your profile, it looks like they have you up for multiple murders and kidnapping.”

“I have no recollection of that Anthony. That’s what I told the police. I fear that this voice I hear is the culprit.”

“Excuse me. the voice you hear? What do you mean?”

“Sometimes I hear a voice talking to me while I am driving. Like it’s me but it isn’t me. And I have woken up on more than a few occasions outside my house on the back porch with the radio on with clothes on I don’t recognize.”

“You saying to me you want to plead that you aren’t mentally capable to take the stand?”

“Yes. That is what I am saying.”

“Ok. I will set that up.”

Mr. Dukakis was telling the police what Mr. Nickel wanted to do and while he and Mr. Nickel were dealing with that issue, Secret was following the plan. After she dumped the car on the lake, she then proceeded to go in her pocket. There was a crumpled piece paper there that said “Beside the Crazy”. Secret knew exactly what they mean as she headed out to a location and awaited the signal.

“Okay Mr. Dukakis. What does your client want to do?”

“Well, after talking to my client and asking him a few questions, I believe Mr. Nickel is not competent to handle a trail.”

When Mr. Dukakis told the police his recommendation, they all laughe.

“You cannot be serious right Mr. Dukakis. ”

“I’m extremely serious. And if you think we are joking, hook him up to a polygraph test. ”

” I believe we can arrange for Mr. Nickel to take a polygraph test.”


The two sides agreed on the polygraph test. Both sides wanted their way, but there had to be some give and take in the process.

“Mr. Nickel. You will never see a day of freedom coming from me at this institution. ”

“I wouldn’t bet on that Detective Porter. ”

“Well, we shall indeed see what happens.”






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