Quarantine: A Self-Care Guide


Covid-19 is taking the nation by storm. Birthdays, date nights, and even major milestones are now put on an indefinite pause. However, I think that pause can be used on so much needed self-care. So many of us have put off hobbies, vacations, and even our loved ones due to the hustle of everyday life. Even when we prioritized, it just seemed like there weren’t enough hours within the day. Yet, this quarantine has made me gain a new appreciation for slowing down. I’ve been able to reconnect with my family and friends. I’ve even picked up a few hobbies and business interests of mine. I’ve been able to actually focus on better habits and practices for my “self” health.

My quarantine journey didn’t start off from a place of peace though. I was livid the first few weeks. As an educator, the change in my curriculum meant even more time for preparation. It meant I had to meet the emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of my children via a click of a mouse. How did they expect me to do that? Each day I found myself growing frustrated with a lack of the unknown and from the disruption to my schedule. I was use to structure and routine, but now I had neither. I had to figure out and ultimately accept my new normal. My new normal started with a book that I wanted to start one too many times.  Picking up that one book saved me from upcoming weeks of mental torment. It felt freeing to do something I longed to do. I wasn’t forced to fit it into a schedule. Then, I realized I didn’t have to pencil in a phone call to a friend. I was free to just do it, but most of just be. I was finally able to focus on the parts of myself I neglected.

  1. Mindset determines outlook. Nothing is worse than a mental prison. Try to create a new normal for yourself during this time. Don’t allow what’s going on around you to impact what’s going on in you. Change your mindset and look at this as a lesson in patience. Find something to be grateful for each day and dedicate yourself to doing something for self. Don’t allow the news, social media, or even your friends to discourage you. A positive mindset won’t change the circumstances, but it will provide you with a temporary PEACE of mind.
  2. Enjoy your solitude. You should never feel alone by yourself, but you should in the company of others. The greatest gift you can provide the world is being your authentic self. So give your mind, your body, and your soul a break from outside energies. Don’t worry about the things that you cannot control during this time. Disconnect from the world for a few hours and just rest. This is the perfect time to establish new habits of self-care.
  3. Remain ACTIVE. Don’t allow this period to keep you physically inactive. Invest in your health with home workouts, yoga/meditative practices, or a simple walk around the block. Create a personal goal or challenge to keep you motivated. Don’t allow idleness to impact your health. Also, get some sunshine in during this time. 

Although, quarantine wasn’t in the plan, its important to keep a positive mindset. Remain safe, practice social distancing, and maintain your sanity.


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