Dirty Change: Part 13-The Party is Over

Dirty Change 2

“Glad you rubbed up against that shovel Joseph. We are going to be using that today in your treatment. We are going to see who wants to live more: you or Detective Collins.”

Dirty Change pulled up another chair, sitting Joseph in it. Instead of tying up his hands behind the chair, Dirty Change and Secret tied his hands in front of the chair.

“Take this for a second.”

Secret handed Joseph a shotgun and put it between his tied hands.

“Place your hands right here.”

He placed Joseph’s hands on the trigger and taped his hands to the gun with duct tape.  The barrel of the shotgun was aimed up where it could be placed right in the middle of Detective Collins’ forehead. Secret placed a board over Joseph’s knees that was cracked in the middle. While Secret was adjusting the ropes with Joseph, Dirty Change dug in the storage and found some additional rope to re-tie Detective Collins. Dirty Change placed a shotgun in the hands of Detective Collins and like Secret did, placed a cracked board across her knees with a crack in the middle and then pointed the gun at the chest of Joseph all while taping her hands with duct tape to the trigger.

“Joseph and Michaela. Your strength is about to be tested. As you both can see, you have pretty flimsy boards under your elbows as you hold these guns. As the board cracks, your hands slip down on the trigger. Whoever has the weaker arms is about to commit a murder today. Will it be you, Michaela, or you, Joseph? Who wants to live? Who wants to kill? We are gonna find out, but only after we leave. Enjoy yourselves.”

Dirty Change and Secret laughed as they left them in that trap. And for good measure, the blindfolds were placed back on them.

As Dirty Change and Secret were leaving, Detective Porter was outside on the premises snooping around, trying to find where they would be. He went through every row until he reached the last row and that is when he heard a storage unit open. Out came the two people he spotted earlier from a storage unit a little bit away from where he was. To keep from being seen, he ducked back around the corner before they were able to get outside.

“I wonder which one will be break first.” said Dirty Change.

“Either way, this is gonna be a fun scene to see when we come back.”

“Sure will. Time to get back.”

Both broke for the Sonata and began to drive out of the storage facility. With them gone, this was the perfect time for Detective Porter to find out what was going on. As he walked towards the particular storage unit, things were going through his mind about what could await him in this storage unit. Could it be the clues to end this case? Could it be his partner dead? Could it just be a storage unit where they meet? With each step, his mind was thinking of every potential scenario. As he finally reached storage unit 333, his heart was pounding through his chest. The lock was on the unit tight and there was no way he was getting into it without shooting it off. So he pulled out his standard issue Glock 22, aimed it at the lock, and with a couple shots, that lock was done.  Detective Porter pulled off the chain and lifted the gate to be hit in the face with a foul odor that almost knocked him off his feet.

“The hell is going on in here.”

Detective Porter took a handkerchief out of his suit pocket to cover his mouth from the foul smell and as he walked in the storage. After he turned on a light in the storage unit, he noticed two people.


“Detective Porter?”


“Please help us! Our arms are getting weak.”

“Wow! Joseph Lauderdale? ”

“Yes sir.”

“Let me see how to undo this contraption here.”

“Partner, if you don’t hurry up, you’re going to have a death on your hands.”

As he looked over the contraption, he noticed their hands taped to shotguns. As he looked around, he found a weapon that may come in handy. Detective Porter reached in his pocket and grabbed a pocket knife.

“Here is the plan. I’m going to cut the duct tape around both of your hands as fast as possible. So summon all your strength Michaela.  I am going to undo Joseph’s hands first”

Detective Porter went to work on the duct tape on Joseph’s hands, cutting as fast as possible until he was able to free his fingers from around the trigger. He untied his hands as fast as possible as well, getting him out of the chair and moving him out of the site line of Detective Collins. He then cut the tape and untied the rope for Detective Collins. Once untied, Collins began to tell him about what had happened.

“Thank you so much partner. I thought I was dead. Secret got the best of me when I was tailing Sandra.”

“So there were two women here?”

“Long story, but Sandra is Secret.”

“Now I am officially confused.”

“Remember the glove we tried on Mr. Nickel, the reason it didn’t fit was because we were looking for a man and it was a woman involved.”


“There’s more partner. She wasn’t alone. Mr. Nickel was here but it was like he was someone else. She kept calling him Dirty Change.”

“Now it makes sense as to why there was a note on my car when I was there one night at his house.”

“Oh and the place we are standing in, a lot of evidence is here to put them away for life.”

“Ok. I will call for backup and see if we can get this whole place searched.”

Detective Porter and Detective Collins made it out to Porter’s car and phoned in backup to help them investigate this storage.

Meanwhile the next morning, Mr. Nickel woke up on his back porch with the radio on. The song playing was “I’m a Mess Right Now” by Anthony Hamilton and as he looked at himself, he looked a mess. He had black clothes and shoes on like he had went somewhere last night. Mr. Nickel didn’t recognize anything he had on, but he knew he stunk, so he headed to his shower and was getting ready to head to work when he heard police sirens. He thought they would eventually go past, but it seemed like they were getting closer and closer to his home. As he made his way to his front door, he noticed there was a welcoming party outside and a man standing with a bullhorn began to speak.

“Cary Nickel. We know you’re in there. Please come out with your hands up.”

Mr. Nickel immediately started thinking about the voices he heard in his car from time to time. What had this voice done? Had the voice taken over? With whatever had happened, he was for sure he was in some trouble now.

“I’m coming out!”

Mr. Nickel came out and up ran Detective Porter to make the arrest.

“Cary Nickel, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Joseph Lauderdale, Michaela Collins and the murder of many others.”





2 thoughts on “Dirty Change: Part 13-The Party is Over

  1. Can’t wait to see how Mr. Nickel will grapple with what his alter ego has done when he is confronted with the facts by Detectives Collins and Porter. (Note: he has great tastes in music!)


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