Always Clean Your Plate Off


Now I’m going to tell you from the jump that I do not consider myself to be the master of sex. I’ve had some bad sexual experiences but also some amazing sexual experiences. I’m simply sharing with you the several experiences that I went through so that you can learn from them. To quote the philosopher Shawn Carter “Hov did that so hopefully you don’t have to go through that” is the mentality I’m trying to preach to you. Now that I’ve officially given you my parental advisory label warning in my own words, let’s just get right into the shits.

Today’s lesson is for the men and also for my niggas, or those who are attracted to women to live your own life free of judgement. Today’s lesson we will discuss something that we all need to take accountability for if we are lacking. A true adult always holds themselves accountable and I feel as though us as men sometimes avoid this situation. The issue that I’m talking about is we need to start eating as much pussy as humanly possible. EAT THAT THANG BRUH. Trust me, have I ever lied to you? I’m telling you not on some soft ass Eskimo kisses either. I’m talking about putting your whole face in that thang. Be a cannibal to that pussy, not literally, like don’t bite with your teeth or eat people.

You probably think that someone hacked into my writing profile and wrote this for me, but that’s not the case at all. My alias is OG and I approve this message, now follow me.  From a man’s perspective, one of our favorite things as far as sex is receiving oral pleasure. We love it. It’s not only the physical amazing sensation that’s going on but some type of empowerment that I can’t even explain to you. My question to follow that up is now what makes you think that women don’t enjoy that same feeling themselves? I’m not one to tell you about yourself but if I’ve ever heard a woman say she doesn’t like having her pussy eaten, she simply hasn’t found someone who knows how to eat her pussy right. I will literally fight that theory to the death of me. It’s like having someone walk up to you offering you money and you saying I don’t like money, I have direct deposit. If they are willing to debate and fight about that then they may have some insecure issues with their vagina. I’m only referring to it as a vagina because just like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly your vagina is a vagina until you start to love that pussy.

Now let’s talk about all the benefits of eating from the fruit of life. You may have heard this before but going down on a woman will definitely get her warmed up and have her match your sexual level. If you are in the mood and she’s kind of half assing it the best way to turn that around is to go down on her and get your face messy. Once you know what and how she likes to have you go down on her, you can simply use that as a tool. Go down on her for about 10 minutes until she climaxes. After that, don’t stop; Press reset and try to beat that high score. You can literally use that same game plan over and over and eventually she is going to either pass out from exhaustion or literally pounce on you. Even the worst outcome of her being tired and going to sleep you can use just have her lay there and you take care of the rest. You’re probably saying “Yeah, yeah” but that means you’re only giving and not receiving. But if she’s a real one she will take care of you as you have for her. If you have ever been with a girl and felt like she was hiding or holding back from you, have some drinks next time and watch her turn into a porn star. I can guarantee you that going down on the right woman the right way will definitely bring her true freak out into the light.

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