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Quarantine: A Self-Care Guide

Covid-19 is taking the nation by storm. Birthdays, date nights, and even major milestones are now put on an indefinite pause. However, I think that pause can be used on so much needed self-care. So many of us have put off hobbies, vacations, and even our loved ones due to the hustle of everyday life.… Continue reading Quarantine: A Self-Care Guide

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Quarantine and ME !

Sitting in the house these past few weeks has really shed some light on ME! I did not realize how many things that I could be doing in this time to take care of myself and also get some work done. So I thought I would share a bit of my list with you all.¬†… Continue reading Quarantine and ME !

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Fibromyalgia: More than the Eyes See

Fibromyalgia¬†is defined as a neurological disorder, which causes widespread musculoskeletal pain. It impacts the Central Nervous System, which impacts the body physically, emotionally, and mentally. According to research, fibromyalgia causes the brain to process pain/nerve signals differently. Fibromyalgia causes extreme fatigue, inconsistency in sleep patterns, fibro fog (loss of memory), and mood swings. The pain… Continue reading Fibromyalgia: More than the Eyes See

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A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life

I'm sure that many of us have started 2019 off with New Year's resolutions, setting intentions, or creating the theme for the rest of our year. This year, I decided my theme would be overall mental health. I will flourish, I will thrive. I will put all the things I want into the universe and… Continue reading A Whole Lot of Nothing – Decluttering My Life

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Pressing the “Reset” Button on Your Life is Scary as Hell

We all have to hit the metaphorical reset button on our lives at one time or another and I won't lie to you, it's terrifying. But, it tends to work itself out. If you don't believe me, allow me to walk you through my post-college, quarter life crisis phase... After graduating college in 2013, I… Continue reading Pressing the “Reset” Button on Your Life is Scary as Hell


Dear Michaela,

I know that night time can be hard. As soon as the sun goes down you go back to that place... the place you hate being. You tell yourself that you are going to go to sleep early and that you are finally going to get some rest, but that doesn't happen... 12AM... 1AM... 2AM...… Continue reading Dear Michaela,