Quarantine and ME !

Photo By Vontress Renae’ Via Canva.com

Sitting in the house these past few weeks has really shed some light on ME! I did not realize how many things that I could be doing in this time to take care of myself and also get some work done. So I thought I would share a bit of my list with you all. 

1. Stop Biting my nails ! DON’T JUDGE ME !!

I have had this horrible habit for as long as I can remember and as disgusting as it is, this has been my crutch forever. As badly as I’ve needed to stop with us being on a lock down and this potentially deadly virus going around I felt that this would be the best time to practice a bit more safety. I am on Day 10 and I am very proud of myself. 


2. Limit my Social media !

For those of you who know me know that I have a bad habit of deactivating and reactivating my social media accounts. I do this to give myself time, but I realized I did not need to completely disappear but give myself time limits on how long I would allow social media to consume my time. Also, with everything going on it has become so overwhelming with all the sadness in the news taking a break or limiting the time that I spend keeps my energy clear and free from being drained. 



Yes, being that I am an Author I can definitely take this time to focus on a few future projects. But I have chosen to write more about how my day is going, taking in small details, organizing things in my day giving me the opportunity the things that I focus on instead of allowing my thoughts to consume me and make me crazy, 

4. Dedicating a full day to not touching my phone and spending time with my family. 

Sunday is usually family day but being cooped up in the house with your family on a daily basis can be crazy. Choosing to give undivided attention to make dinner together, play board games or just enjoy one another’s company makes times like these less stressful and well worth it. Building bonds during this time is a blessing so take advantage of those people around you. 


5. One Hour a Day!

I have dedicated one hour of every single day to ME! Doing something that I love; watching a movie, taking a nap, or just enjoying some silence. Taking a moment to gather your thoughts can be so refreshing. Staying home and not always having the adult interaction that is sometimes needed can absolutely make anyone crazy. But taking a hour to preserve a bit of my mental health each day has been well worth it. 


Now my list is a bit longer but I would highly recommend starting a goal list of your own. To get small things done that you normally would not have the time for but also to spend a little time rejuvenating in this time of crisis.


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