Dirty Change: Part 12- Romeo and Juliet

Dirty Change 2

“What is the next step my love?”

“We will see each other tonight.”

The shadowy figure hung up the phone and left the location.

Meanwhile Detective Porter was sitting at his desk at the precinct again trying to see if he could find any other clues to Detective Collins’ whereabouts. After his meeting with Mr. Nickel, he had went by her apartment and there were no signs of her there at all. He went by any of her usual hangouts and had no success. The more time went by, the more worried he was that Detective Collins had been murdered. As he went through paperwork on his desk, looking for anything he could find, he came across the mysterious letter he received that said someone named Dirty Change sent it.

“He has to be involved in this. I don’t care what Collins told me.”

As the day went on, Detective Porter thought of what Detective Collins told him about working a plan to help get the killer, which was thought to be Mr. Nickel.  Now she was missing and he believed it was all his fault. If he had only stepped in and not allowed her to handle the case her way then she may be still there. But alas, she wasn’t there with him and he was scrambling in his mind to find any clues.

“I bet this Dirty Change has something to do with this and I bet Mr. Nickel can lead me to him.”

Detective Collins headed out the door to jump in his car and head to Mr. Nickel’s house. And this time he was not going to leave without something he could use to find his partner.

Meanwhile, Detective Collins was still tied up n this dark, musty place with a child near his feet.

“I gotta figure out a way out of this.”

“I hope you do. This place stinks.”

“By the way kid, who are you.”

“My name is Joseph Lauderdale. Who are you and how did you get here?”

“Detective Michaela Collins and I have no idea how I got here. Just remember getting hit over the head and me dropping to the floor like a ton of bricks….Hold on. Did you say Joseph Lauderdale. Aren’t you the kid we are looking for from over near the bar?”


“So did you see who abducted you?”

“I just remember hearing the name Dirty. Other than that, I have no idea who took me. I just want to go home.”

“Okay. let me figure out how to get us out of here. I promise you aren’t going to die here. Are your hands tied up?”


“There isn’t any light, but can you feel around and see if you can touch anything?”

Joseph replied with a yes and Joseph squirming around on the floor using his feet to propel him places, coming across some seemingly damp spots in the floor and some obstacles that seemed to stretch on for a while. Joseph didn’t know what he was touching, but he was for sure it was a small price to pay for trying to regain his freedom. Then he found something that seemed to be sharp.

“I think I found a shovel Detective Collins.” said Joseph as he ran his fingers across the unknown object.

“Good! Now follow my instructions and we will be out of here fast.”

While Detective Collins was trying to break free, Detective Porter was making his way over to Mr. Nickel’s house to camp out for the night. As he pulled up, he noticed Mr. Nickel was just getting home and was rushing into his house. Despite the warning from whoever this Dirty Change was, Porter knew he had to trust his instincts. Despite repeated signs that Mr. Nickel wasn’t the killer, Porter thought of Mr. Nickel as having good luck instead of not being the guy. As the night went on, Detective Porter stayed right there, looking for any clues he could find and then something he didn’t expect happened.

There was a 2015 Hyundai Sonata that pulled up. It was the same one in the witness report  that Detective Collins was readying. The person in the car jumped out and went to the back of the house. No more than one minute later, Porter saw the person who jumped out of the car and another person coming out of the back of Mr. Nickel’s house and the second person looked to be the same size and build as Mr. Nickel. The pair jumped in the Sonata and pulled off. Detective Porter, thinking this may be his big break,  tailed the vehicle to it’s next destination. Porter trailed them for over 30 minutes until they stopped at storage place.

Both the passenger and the diver pulled up to the gate, put in their code and pulled through the gates of the storage facility. Detective Porter wanted to follow them in, but he did not feel that was wise, especially with the time of night it was. So instead of following them in, he would park his car and try to find a way inside. After snooping around the fence, he was able to find a way that included climbing a fence and Porter, who was in great shape, had no problems climbing that fence. As he landed on the opposite side of the fence, he began to make his way towards the storage unites. There weren’t very many of them and he wanted to make sure he got there to find out what Mr. Nickel was hiding.

While Detective Porter was trying to chase them down, Detective Collins was trying to break free. She had used the shovel to try and saw at the ropes around her hands while Joseph was helping to steady the shovel for Detective Collins. As she was getting down to her last two saws with the shovel, both Detective Collins and Joseph heard the keys jingling and someone getting ready to enter the room. They dropped the shovel and acted like they had passed out while the door of the storage unit opened. Both people entered the storage unit, turned on the light and immediately went over to Detective Collins.

“Wake up. We know you aren’t passed out Detective.”

“That voice sounds so familiar. ” said Detective Collins to herself in her mind.

“Sandra, so this is what we are doing now. Kidnapping people.”

“Oh we are killing and kidnapping people and you’re next Detective along with our friend Joseph, but you got it all wrong about who I am. My name isn’t Sandra. My name is Secret. And this guy here, this is Dirty Change. What you would call a real Romeo and Juliet of killing and kidnapping people. You can go ahead and move Joseph because we know you’re awake. By the way, how did you like rubbing against all that blood and dead people Joseph? I bet that was fun.”

As Secret mentioned that, Joseph began to get sick with what he had been told he touched and squirmed through.

“Oh and by the way, you both are going to enjoy the torcher that’s coming you way. Isn’t that right Dirty.”

“It sure is. Time for pain.”








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