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Eggs, Chicken Wings, Drum Sticks, 2% Milk, Creamer, Mayo, Cheese, Bread, Garlic, Hash-browns

I find it most hard to explain to some why it’s difficult to, “just pick one”. For most of us we picture what that meal will look like, what does it smell like, who we're going to eat it with, and what day we plan on eating it. I’m gonna grab the shrimp because I’m… Continue reading Eggs, Chicken Wings, Drum Sticks, 2% Milk, Creamer, Mayo, Cheese, Bread, Garlic, Hash-browns

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Finding the Best Vibe: Orgasm Motor Magic Wand Massager Review

Welcome to Finding The Best Vibe w/ Misha Frazier! I’ve partnered with to give y’all the ins and outs on some adult toys y’all might want to add to your collection🙂 Enjoy and I'll keep you updated! Click here to order the Orgasm Motor Magic Wand Massager!

My Life Be Like

Discovering Akilah

Seeing the world for the first time in 1993. Being the last of 4 children. Being raised by a older mother. Growing up singled out and abandoned by my father.  Being 20 years apart from the first born. Being raised by a single mother who had breast cancer, lupus, and a small hole in her… Continue reading Discovering Akilah

My Life Be Like

30 & Barely Thriving

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash At eighteen I had a plan and at twenty-one I was sure I'd see it through. Then 25 came and I will admit fear kicked in but I still had high hopes of everything being alright. Now, here I am at 30, feeling as if I'm barely surviving; wondering when is the… Continue reading 30 & Barely Thriving

My Life Be Like

Quarantine and ME !

Sitting in the house these past few weeks has really shed some light on ME! I did not realize how many things that I could be doing in this time to take care of myself and also get some work done. So I thought I would share a bit of my list with you all. … Continue reading Quarantine and ME !

My Life Be Like

Ratchet ISH with my Friends

After becoming a mother I developed this sort of persona that was “goody two shoes’. Telling myself to dress this way, don’t do this, don’t have too many drinks or get home by a certain time. God forbid you twerk somewhere but sometimes I just want to do ratchet shit with my friends. I want… Continue reading Ratchet ISH with my Friends

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What’s Your Body Count?

I wanted to write an article about body count, because it seems like such a taboo topic. I never understood why people get so uncomfortable when asked about their body count. I know that a lot of people fear judgement, but at the end of the day if that's the number of people you have… Continue reading What’s Your Body Count?


My Raise, My Lifestyle Changes and My Vacation

0I have been loving my new job and after three weeks I am happy to announce that I got a raise! I was happy when I got a raise at my last job after three months but THREE WEEKS?! That's a blessing. As much as I complain I must say that God constantly has my… Continue reading My Raise, My Lifestyle Changes and My Vacation


The Grind is Real/ My Birthday Plans :)

“Those who feel satisfied with their personal lives are more satisfied with their careers and perform better.” ― Michael Hyatt Hi guys:) The weekend is finally here! I am so happy honestly, because this week was so long. I finished all my work at my job Tuesday, so the rest of the week I was… Continue reading The Grind is Real/ My Birthday Plans 🙂