My Raise, My Lifestyle Changes and My Vacation

0I have been loving my new job and after three weeks I am happy to announce that I got a raise! I was happy when I got a raise at my last job after three months but THREE WEEKS?! That’s a blessing.

As much as I complain I must say that God constantly has my back. Right when I was worrying about how I am going to survive off _____ an hour God said don’t stress, I got you. I have been working really hard to show my bosses that I am capable of doing a good job and that I am an asset to the company. After what went down at my last job, I realize that I can’t just perform crappy, because I am not at my dream job. After thoroughly thinking about my last job, I realize that I wasn’t the best employee I could of been. It doesn’t matter now, but that realization will definitely help me develop in the professional world. At my old job I would speed through my work so I could look good for finishing tasks so quickly, but I would make a lot of mistakes. Now I realize quality over quantity and even though it takes me longer to complete some tasks I rarely ever make mistakes.

I’m glad I finally realized that if I keep doing things the same way I will get the same results.

Shout out to my sister Crystal for initially calling me out on this last year. I didn’t fully consider this fact until now and I plan on utilizing it and realizing when shit isn’t working in every aspect of life.

Besides working both my jobs, I have stopped drinking for now and I have stopped partying. I honestly just need a detox so I have been doing other fun things like binge watching Pretty Little Liars and writing. I have been spending more time with my family also, which is great. Although I still want to move out ASAP, I have been having fun chillin’ with them and going places. When I’m out and about constantly I barely ever see them so this lifestyle change is liberating. I realized I can’t make every beach trip, every turn up and every shopping trip… I just have way too many friends and trying to please every single one became exhausting.

Don’t get me wrong though, I still make time for my mains. My best friend Ladonna is coming to see me tomorrow and I am super excited! We plan on discussing her future goals and how she can expedite the process of becoming a model. Although I am not a model I have a lot of resources who can help her follow her dream. Like I always say, I just want to see everybody win and if I can help in any way I am more than willing. I am excited to see her tomorrow, but I am also excited to be able to sleep in. I haven’t slept in in sooooooo long so tomorrow will be amazing. I really hope (God forbid) I don’t wake up at 7 or 8AM LOL. It’s like the days I don’t set an alarm I still wake up early as hell… pray that I get a good nights sleep everyone. 

Another exciting thing is that in approximately 10 days I will be in Tupelo, Mississippi. I am so excited to be going to the South. I will be there for a whole week so I will be able to get a break from the 6 and 7 day work weeks. I have been so damn exhausted and I feel like my vacation to Las Vegas was so long ago even though it was only three months again. It’s like I literally went from chillin’ when I quit my full time job to diving right back into my demanding lifestyle. I can’t complain though, I’m loving how my bank account is looking. My main priority is saving up to move and getting these credit cards down cause honestly my cards have never EVER been this high and it bothers me. But I will not worry about that on my vacation. This vacation is for me to relax and not worry about anything in California.

 With that being said I really hope the next 12 days fly by. I have never been anywhere for nine days so I know this will be refreshing. I hope everyone has been doing as good as I am. Make sure you are doing things you love but also being responsible and taking care of business.

Adulting can be hard AF but we can’t let it get the best of us.

Love you guys! ❤



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