September is Dedicated to Finding Solace Within

Tomorrow is the start of a new month. I honestly feel like August was a productive month. I got a new full time job, I let go of a friendship that wasn’t worth salvaging and I decided that I am going to put all my energy into saving up to move out.  In addition, I also really sat down and analyzed myself. I reflected on how I handle situations and how I can be a better person. I’m thankful for the people that have called me out about certain things and made me realize that I need to do better. I am usually stubborn as hell, but I am starting to realize that I need to pay more attention to criticisms from the people that love me, because they only want to see me succeed and be great.

September is a busy month for me. Most weeks I work 6 days straight and in between that I have interviews scheduled for CSUITEMUSIC, a wedding where I am a bridesmaid and a 9 day vacation planned at the end of the month. Honestly I just want to grind and push through September so I can be on my vacay. I am super excited to go to the south and experience all it has to offer. I never realized the thrill of going on vacation until I went to New Jersey last year. Even though that trip didn’t go as expected, I still loved the thrill of going somewhere new. 

In other news I have been trying to get into the habit of being a homebody so I can save money. This has actually been going really good. I have found other shows to watch and I have been able to think more. The days of running around like a chicken with my head cut off are over thank God. I feel like I finally have a peice of mind. I even went to the lake once with a notepad and my laptop. I was able to brainstorm and people watch peacefully. That day was great.

Being more of a homebody has made me realize how valuable my time is. I am infamous for spending time with people because of boredom, but now I realize that I can entertain myself and I don’t need to be around people 24/7 to have a good time. Netflix, snacks and Spotify are all I need to have a good time. I am slowly trying to add reading books to my list of activities, but I am not there yet. I think I have too short of an attention span to be honest.

In September I want to continue to save money and continue to find solace within myself. I want to be more rational and make decisions based on logic and not emotions. This month I want to get more sleep, laugh more and cry less. I still find myself being too emotional and I want to be able to control that better. Work wise I hope to get a better opportunity to expedite me moving out. Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my new job. It is not that hard and everyone is super nice. However, it doesn’t pay well so I need to find something that pays more. Wish me luck as I try to find employment that I like and that pays well. 


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