Ratchet ISH with my Friends

After becoming a mother I developed this sort of persona that was “goody two shoes’. Telling myself to dress this way, don’t do this, don’t have too many drinks or get home by a certain time. God forbid you twerk somewhere but sometimes I just want to do ratchet shit with my friends. I want to get dressed up in my tightest dress. Oh ladies you know the one, the tight one in the back of the closet that may require you to skip the undergarments. I want to have one too many drinks., make ratchet videos on snap and then call my boyfriend for a booty call.

As funny as this sounds it’s always much needed. We as women or just humans in general need time where we can just let loose. It doesn’t always have to be at a club or bar. It is simply getting together with those closest to us and having a good time. Without the stress of work, or talking about what someone did to piss you off today. It’s connecting ourselves back with fun and having a moment of no worries. We are all so consumed with responsibility and “Adulting ” that we don’t always take the time for fun . And the ones that always have time for fun definitely don’t have jobs (sorry not sorry )!

I believe that being a young mother I missed out on so many things that I should have been doing that I forgot what adult fun is. Of course I love to sing my little heart out to Baby Shark Doo doo doo BUT sometimes I want to enjoy a nice hot girl summer even if it’s just one night! Given, I also have been working so hard toward my goal of becoming a best selling Author by the age of 35 (Manifestation in progress). I must confess there are times I just don’t want to work and I NEED to relax.

For those of you who need a break take it! Enjoy the small things around you working toward a goal or being a mother/father doesn’t mean your life is over. It just means we have to learn to appreciate the small things and that means taking time for ourselves! Let your hair down and enjoy a cup of wine and listen to your favorite song over and over ! Dance til you can’t anymore . Enjoy life as it comes !


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