“Tainted Soil”: By Vontress Renae’


I’m so excited to announce that my Newest Book will be released on August 9th.

When I say my blood , sweat, and real tears went into this ! LAWD knows how difficult writing this was for me! Having a new baby, going through the motions and past hurts resurfacing in weird ways it took me a moment to regain my focus. I had to remember why I write and who I write for and handle my shit !

And then came “Tainted Soil”:

No one ever said growing was easy.

Burying seeds through poetry, short stories, and affirmations, Tainted Soil proves how planting seeds in damaged souls can grow strength and build character in the midst of sorrows, joys, and even pain.

“She Needs”
What she does isn’t for you.
It’s for the feeling she needs within herself,
The feeling of being needed.
The feeling of knowing someone is looking to her,
To Make their day better
And their world go around.
Even with needing this,
she still needs someone.
A lover
or just a friend
to be there when her world stops spinning.


Thank you for allowing me to share my growth with you all and I’m grateful for all of the continuing support and feedback it keeps me going!


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